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Vs. Chardarnook

The party took their quick reprieve. Omega had grown quiet, ignoring their attempts at contact. Thyn'a tried to rest, but the mood was just not right. They made it this far. But with Rictors passing, the look of defeat still showed on nearly everyone faces.

Decim rest against the strange, mechanical wall. Fenris' eyes deadlocked upon him. Krohman rest on the floor his legs crossed as he meditate. Sif, ever so faithful to Raves brother remesined at his side. Mewsic, Vheo, and Ghost poured over tomes in a futile attempt to return Skan to his own body.

Denze remained in his own corner. Most likely peering into the numerous futures in how this excursion would end. Occasionally, he would shake his head in disapproval. Skye strummed her lute gently, trying to calm the uneasiness in the room. Whisperra paced anxiously back and forth, clearly growing more irritated with every passing moment.

Esper placed a hand on Raves shoulder. "You ok?" She asked, "I know he was your friend. Probably the only one here who knew him in a way we didnt."

"I wouldnt say that..." he replied looking to the Rackwell sisters. Rictors travels usually ran him into the women miqo'te on several occasions. Rivals, friends, surely they were feeling the sting even more than Rave was. "Ya know, for a thief, that was probably the most unselfish thing I've ever seen him do." Rave chuckled.

"He truly is the greatest thief in the world. Stealing victory from defeat... even I couldn't do that!" Esper smiled at him. Moving her crimson hair from her eyes. "Indeed. I'll haveva special place for him arranged when we return home."

Rave smiled back at her as Omega hummed back to life. "Proceeding with experiment. Chardarnook awaits the next group. Begin examination." Omega chimed as both Sif and Mewsic were transported away. All eyes gathered around the monitor to see their next battle unfold.

The room Sif and Mewsic were transported to seemed almost like a museum. Grand portraits hung from the walls. A few easels with cans of paint littered the room with several brushes and scattered canvas and paper strewn about. Almost as if it was ransacked.

Mewsic nodded to her as Sif readied her blades for combat. Mewsic began to scan the room. Taking in every detail and making notes in her grimoire. An enemy was nowhere to be seen. They examined the paint and easels. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary with the easels. Pictures of fire, mountains, waves, and lush forests were drawn upon them.

"These paintings look almost alive. Such fine detail in every brush stroke." Mewsic said observing the paintings in detail. "Look at this!" Sif beckoned to Mewsic, drawing back a curtain. A portrait of a beautiful woman in a blue dress stared down upon them.

"Wonder who this is.. " Sif said aloud. Suddenly, a chill ran down their spines as a haunting wail echoed through the room. The portrait of the woman began to change. Turning from a beautiful woman to a grotesque spectre. It wailed loudly, forcing the women to cover their ears.

Sif quickly threw a dagger at it. The shrill wail ceased as it disappeared into a nearby portrait, the dagger sticking into the wall behind its intended target. Flames began to spurt from the portrait of fire. Thinking quickly, Mewsic erect a barrier in front of them as the flames hit the shield.

Sif performed suiton and extinguished the flames as the spectre emerged from the portrait. Sif took the chance to try and attack. She slashed at the friend, only to see her blade slip through it, causing her to lose balance. She stumbled into a pile of nearby paint cans, covering her body in various colors of paint.

Sif stood up, clearly upset. She shook her body, shaking drops of paint in all directions. Some splashed on the spectre and it seemed to howl in pain as it retreat into another portrait.

Mewsic raised an eye st the spectres reaction to the paint. She adjusted her spectacles as ege looked at the scattered sheets of paper about them. "Sif! Bring me all the paint and brushes quickly!" Mewsic said sternly, her attention fixated on her grimoire as she scribbled down something.

Sif did as directed and began to bring can after can to her ally. Chardarnook screeched loudly, drawing the attention to the two women. At first, it seemed like nothing was happening, but Mewsics ears quickly perked up. It was faint at first, but it was rapidly growing louder. The sound of rushing water began to rush towards them from the corridors.

"Sif!" Mewsic shouted as she summoned her fairy. Sif performed a couple mudra before slamming her hand on the ground. A ring of ice surrounded the women as a shield engulfed the two of them. The water crashed into the fortified spells, coursing around the obstruction.

"Draw this quickly!" Mewsic demanded as she ripped out the page she scribbled in her grimoire earlier, handing it to Sif. A loud cracking could be heard as the barrier began crack under the pressure of the water. Returning her attention to maintaining the barrier, Mewsic grunted as the pressure of the attack increased with every passing second.

"Its done!" Sif said as she picked up the paper. She looked to Mewsic who had nearly reached her limit. She smiled at Sif as she pointed her hand to her, "excogitation. I leave the rest to you, dont screw it up!" Mewsic said with a smile as her barrier collapsed, the waves washing her away in the blink of an eye.

"Mewsic!!!!" Fenris shouted at the monitor. His fangs bared, and anger burning in his eyes.

The water drained and Chardarnook emerged from its portrait. The paint cans and parchment had all been swept away. Only Sif remained as the shield Mewsic put on her faded away.

Sif screamed as she wildly swung her blades at the spectre. Each strike passing through as if she was fighting an illusion. Chardarnook screeched loudly, immobilizing Sif. As she knelt down, holding her head in agony. Chardarnook reached towards the au'ra. Its bony fingers gripping her neck and lifting her into the air. The parchment in Sif had in her arms, slowly slipped out if her grasp, unraveling upon the floor. .

A burst of white smoke emerged and the sound of a horse whinny echoed in the room. Chardarnook looked towards the source, but before it could even move, the sound of a blade rang out. Sif was suddenly dropped to the floor, a bloodied, severed hand lay before her. Looking up, the primal Odin stood before her. Its Zanketsuken dripping with black paint. Chardarnook slumped over as its body now lay severed in two.

Odin began to de-materialize, turning into a pile of black paint before Sif. "Mewsic... I did it..." Sif said. It was a hollow victory for her. One achieved through the sacrifice of a friend. Sif felt her body be transported back to the others.

She slammed her fist into the metal panel, clearly upset at the loss of her friend.

"Oh don't cry. Find me a towel will you? I cant stand being wet!" Mewsic said, she was sopping wet, but in one piece. "Mewsic!!!" Sif said ecstatically, she quickly hugged her, squeezing her tightly. "No, stop! Let go of me!" Mewsic hissed.

With a bit of laughter, the group had nearly forgotten they were in the midst of omega's game.

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