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Tsuki Rei

Diabolos (Crystal)

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I don't really write a blog on my lodestone page but maybe I'll post for like...posterity or something. I work in a hospital and did everything I could but today I found myself getting tested for COVID. I've had pretty much 95% of the symptoms lately and it's been making me question my mortality.

It lines up with a pretty bad period with my life so I guess we'll see how this goes. It's karma, I think.

Just stay safe y'all and stay healthy.
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Ceana Kuroki

Siren (Aether)

Get well soon! I'm sure it'll be alright. Just get some good rest and don't worry so much. Worrying only adds stress and makes it worse. And I don't think it's punishment. This virus goes wherever it can and will infect, so don't be so hard on yourself. Hoping for a quick recovery!

Elaina Jackson

Twintania (Light)

I hope you will be alright.
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