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My Mountain Climb....


So It's taken some time but I have hit my next big landmark.
At the time of this posting all of my Character's jobs are level 56 across the board including 'hand and land' jobs. (Yes I am leveling this way deliberately for those who are new to my posts)

I have made it deeper into Heavensward and am loving it so far. Along the way I have knocked out a few 'outstanding' things left over from ARR; such as the Beast Tribes from ARR and Finally the Blue Mage Finale which was really hard for me being I have arthritis in both hands.

Personal hurdles aside, I think I've been making good progress thus far. Was a little sad that they didn't have a real Saint's Wake Festival. Hoping The Starlight Festival will be held.

Other things; ....lets see...... I am now Captain with my Grand Company. I still have no Free Company (again by choice) but I have noted that nothing seems to make Free Companies want you more than telling them your not looking for a free company. lol

I Unlocked my first Heavensward Beast Tribe and have made good inroads with them. Unlocked Flying in two of the zones, and sightseeing is back and better than ever!

Servers will be going down at some point on the 9th from what I understand but once they come back up I hopefully will be all set to dive deeper into the main story.

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Fire Parade

Sargatanas (Aether)

Did you plan to finish all the side quest in A Realm Reborn?

Rand Vardenfell

Adamantoise (Aether)

I for the most part have; with only minor exceptions :)
the ones I have leftover from ARR are the grand fishing quest and the legendary weapons quests.

Outside of those I have completed all the side quests I have been able to locate, I even (with the help of my friends Rain and Lev) completed the Coils of Bahahmut at level 50.

Hopefully if I missed any it was a absurdly small number. X.x;
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