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My Storm And My Shadow....


Firstly I would like to apologize for the long gap between posts; real life sadly has been not going well and I have been having limited time to play the game.

When last I posted I was wrapping up the end of Stormblood and now as of this post I am finally inside the Shadowbringers expansion. Please do note; there will be a great many screen shots attached to this post as a result.

Regarding Stormblood, the ending and the outtro; I loved it. It saddened me to leave behind the tradition job quests that I had become so accustomed to but it seems Shadowbringers handles job quests a bit differently than prior expansions. Stormblood was not what I have expected, a rough beginning but all in all a wonderful time especially if you take your time and engage with all there is to do.

But I suppose the big news is my passage into Shadowbringers which is 'relatively' current content although I am still a bit behind yet.

Shadowbringers lead in was exceptional and intertwined with Stormblood's outro making the two flow together very well indeed. Many things though make me think that Shadowbringers was being setup for a long long time; the Crystal Tower and the involvement of the 'warriors of darkness' in the lead up to Stormblood for example. This is only a suspicion on my part, but please no spoilers.

As for the story in earnest... hmm.... honestly? It feels like the reverse of Stormblood; where with Stormblood many were giving me a negative impression I was pleasantly surprised to find the story very enjoyable. However in Shadowbringer people kept telling me how great the story is right from the start; Sadly in my eyes it feels like another rough ride.

Shadowbringers storyline spends way too much time drilling hopelessness into the players heads, for the zones I have been in thus far my character and his companions spent the majority of the time absorbed in the ruinous state of the world and not actually 'Doing' anything to change things. It left a rather bitter taste in my mouth to be frank.

I will say though that after FINALLY unlocking the first dungeon for Shadowbringers and completing it, the storyline seemed to pick up its pace. So I am hoping the upward trend will continue, as I said prior Stormblood also had a rough start.

Hmm...which brings me to the more annoying part; one reason it took me so long to post again was Shadowbringer quest level requirements put me in a position where I was forced to hard grind all my jobs to level 75 even though I am still in fairly early content.

At the time of this post all my combat jobs (except Blue Mage which cannot level above 70) are all now level 75 and I am soon to embark on leveling my crafting and farming jobs to 75 up from 73 as well.

Once done I will once again be back doing the main storyline. Also considering I ended up leveling to 75 by force from here on out I will likely be heading slowly towards the end of the expansion and preparing for the upcoming Endwalker.

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