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A Modern Girl in a Fantasy world: Call me, maybe?


This came about from seeing my new glamour. It looks quite modern and it inspired me to write this as an alternate story line of a 21st century version of Annabel dealing with things in FF14. Will I continue it often? That I do not know. But I DID get inspired enough to start it, and I think a modern version of Annabel might be interesting.

Chapter 1: Old books and new friends.

"What in the world is THAT Anna?"

Annabel Ashcroft looked up from the book she was studying. The young sorority woman looked a bit bemused at the interruption but when she saw who it was, the bemused expression on her pretty face soon turned into one of amused annoyance.

"What," she said, touching the cover with one hand and brushing the other though her honey blonde hair. "You find it surprising that I'm actually reading something Candice? I DO read you know."

"Yeah," her fellow sorority sister and best friend retorted; "anything that has the names, Cosmo, Vogue, or Elle on it. Annabel "book hater" Ashcroft reading an ACTUAL book! I need to check to see if the world is ending."

"Ha Ha Candi, you're sooo amusing. If you MUST know, I grabbed this book from home for the Halloween party the House is throwing next week. I mean look at it, it will make a GREAT decoration."

Candice peered down at the book on the table in front of Annabel, it certainly looked spooky. It looked old, VERY old, with a cover made of a strange type of material that looked KIND of leathery, but was obviously something else. There were also strange markings in an unfamiliar language etched onto its surface. The whole thing radiated...something to her, something Candice was not sure of, but really did not want to find out.

"And you got this from home? Anna, whatever possessed you to even THINK about grabbing that thing, spooky or not. And WHY would your family even have it?"

"Ugh," Annabel frowned, "DON'T ask. They're always collecting crap like this. You should see that library, its full of all kinds of strange books. Believe me Candi, they will NEVER miss this one."

Annabel cracked open the book again showing Candice the writing inside. "I mean look at this dear, positively WEIRD, isn't it?" The two Sorority girls peered closer at the writing, which was most definitely odd. It was a mess of unidentifiable squiggles in a refined script written in different sizes, but grouped into sections. There looked to be chapters and lists as well as indexes. A few pages had drawings of fantastical creatures like from some fantasy movie Annabel was sometimes dragged to by one of her dates.

"Wow", Candice said, still a bit bewildered at the book. "I will admit, it DOES make an interesting Halloween prop, though are you sure your family won't miss it?"

Annabel waved a hand in dismissal, "positive. I'm telling you Candi, my sister Adora who manages those silly tomes has so much going on at her job right now, she has no time to be in there. This thing will be back before she even notices, if she ever DOES notice."

"If you say so Anna." Candice looked at her watch, then moved to leave. "Ok, looks like I need to get to class, I'll leave you to continue your 'pursuit' of knowledge my dear Miss Ashcroft. DO let me know if you find any interesting fashions in there." With a grin and a wave Candice laughed and left the room.

"Wise ass!" Annabel called after her, shaking her head in amusement then grinning. That silly girl knew her all too well, which was not surprising, they had been best friends since middle school. Now they were in college, in the same sorority even. It was amazing how two people could stick so closely together after all this time.

Thinking of something, Annabel looked down. Pinned to her pink blouse was a beautiful jeweled butterfly. Candi had given that to her for her 21st birthday and 10 year anniversary of their friendship. It had been SUCH a thoughtful gift and Annabel treasured it greatly. She put her hand to it, remembering the past and surprisingly, thinking about the future, if their friendship would continue, would endure.

A loud burst of music came from Annabel's phone, which was sitting on the table beside her. It caused her to jerk her hand up, dislodging the butterfly and sending the broach falling onto the book sitting open in front of the young woman. Annoyed, she ignored the broach for a moment to check her phone, it was surprisingly her sister Adora.

What in the would does SHE want, she thought. Oh GOD, Adora didn't notice the book was gone did she? Would she tell dad? No, that probably wasn't it. Adora was REALLY busy with the current exhibit at the museum, so why call her then? Annabel gave a sigh, voice mail? Yes, let it, she'll deal with her big sister later. It can't be THAT important.

Soon the phone stopped ringing and the sound of a message alarm let Annabel know that Adora had indeed left one for her. Ignoring it for now, she turned to the broach sitting on the book. Picking it up, Annabel saw that the back pin had come undone somehow, causing the thing to fall off. How annoying, she thought, how would something this expensive DO that? I better check it out.

As she fiddled with the broach's pin to make sure it was not broken, Annabel accidentally stuck herself with the pin's end, sinking it into her finger. Yelping in pain, She cursed as she pulled it out, causing a few drops of blood to fall onto the open book.

"Oh Double Damn it", she cried out, cursing again and sucking her finger. "That's just greeat, can anything ELSE go wrong? Oh GOD, Adora's going to KILL me if she sees this!"

Setting down the butterfly, Annabel peered down at the damage she had inadvertently done to the book's page. It was a page with one of those odd pictures on it, this one a winged creature of some type. It looked tiny, but that could be just how it had been drawn. The blood had fallen on the mass of text beside it.

Sighing, the worried blonde poked at the damage with her finger, wondering if there was ANY way she could fix this. It didn't look TOO bad did it? She bit her lower lip staring at the seemly altered text. Wait a minute, could she actually READ it now? Peering closer, Annabel gasped, she COULD! What the Hell was going on?

The previously unreadable text was now red tinged and legible. It was STILL oddly shaped, but Annabel could now make out the words.

Say 'Come to Me', and I will answer the summons.

"What the hell?" Annabel said half to herself. "Summons, what is THAT? Oh wait, it's like a weird version of call isn't it? Too bad they didn't have phones back then, would have made it a LOT easier to 'summon' something. Hmmmm," she continued, peering close once more. "Say 'Come-to-Me', and I will answer......."

A bright light flooded the room, blinding Annabel and causing her to fall backwards in her chair. She fell in an undignified heap, sandled feet in the air and purple skirt bunched up around her middle. She was just glad there were no guys in the room to see her like this. The light still blinded her as she tried to get herself situated.and righted. As her entire body finally fell onto the floor, Annabel could swear she heard a chiming, twinkling sound, or was that just the pounding headache she was beginning to feel from her situation?

The blinding light FINALLY went away allowing Annabel to see properly and get herself off the floor. As she stood up and righted her chair, a sound caused her to look up and made her jaw drop.

Before the young blonde was a bright flying creature of various hues. It kind of sort of looked like a butterfly, but this 'butterfly' was WAY bigger than anything she had even seen before. It also did NOT look like an insect, more like a young girl with.....well, wings. A sudden memory came back to her and Annabel looked down at the strange book, still on the table in front of her. Yes, it DID, it LOOKED like the picture in the book; what in the HELL was going ON here?

The thing bobbed in the air before her, looking expectantly. Annabel looked back, looking thoroughly confused. They stood like this for a few moments before Annabel finally decided to speak.

"Look," Annabel said in a hesitant tone, "I don't know WHAT you're waiting for, but I have NO idea WHAT is going ON here. Where the HELL did you come from anyway?"

The creature piped up, it's voice sing-song musical sounding, and slightly annoyed. "Your kidding, right? You summoned me mortal; you read the words of binding from the book. You ARE a Scholar, right? Going through the ritual of binding? Though I admit, this IS a rather odd ceremony place. Where's all the pomp, the discerning Masters making sure their pupils are doing it right? It looked around, fluttering about a little bit, then came back to hover once more in front of Annabel. "Oh by all that is Fae, PLEASE tell me that you were SUPPOSED to do this?

"Um," Annabel blushed, looking sheepish, "No?”

To be continued: Hopefully soon ;-)

Comments (3)

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Annabel in an isekai?! I am very interested in this.

It seems she has discovered a SCH fairy! What, is she straying from her WHM roots? Lol.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Oh GOD, I didn't realize that! :O

It's only one IF she goes to Hydaelyn! I actually might keep her in the real world for a while with all the hijinks it entails.

Well yes, this IS a 'what if' type of thing. I wanted it to be something a little different, and messing with that scholar book and fairy seemed to be a good fit.

I WAS going to have her be a studious book lover, but thought it would be a little TOO different and dull. I still wanted the bitchy and ditzy complaining Annabel. ;p

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

Omg, that was very entertaining xD and perfect for Spooktober. I feel like Anna would indeed be right at home in some fancy Ivy League sorority.
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