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A Modern Girl in a Fantasy world: Call me, maybe?

Chapter 1: Continued

The small fairy looked at the by now VERY confused blonde woman in front of it and gave her a disbelieving look. "No? NO? What do you mean, no?"

"Um, no, as in I have NO idea what I just did," Annabel clarified.

The fairy gave a small sigh."Look um....."

"Annabel," Annabel offered.

"Annabel," The fairy said continuing. "Look Annabel, I know it's been a LONG time since we were summoned to link with you mortals, but surely standards have not gotten THAT lax in all those years that anyone could bond one of us by mistake. I mean, you got the book, you got the inducer, you DID the ritual."

"What I DID," Annabel clarified to the strange thing in front of her, "is make a clumsy mistake and mess up a page in this book here, and it's beginning to be even MORE of a mess than I can deal with." She grabbed the broach sitting on the table and held it out. "Look, this 'inducer' is nothing but a gift from my best friend, just a nice bauble. And that book is just one of MANY weird volumes in my family's library; it's nothing special."

"Nothing special she says. "Girl, do you even realize what you HAVE there? Do you know what that book IS?" The fairy gave another sigh and continued."Well obviously not so I better tell you. That is a book of the Scholarly pursuits, a grimoire used for summoning and other things. It is meant as a tool for those who study the art. How in all that is Fae did YOU come across it?"

"Um, thought it would make a good prop, so I took borrowed it. WORST mistake I ever made it seems." Annabel set the broach down and closed the book grabbing it by it's spine. "Look, I want NOTHING to DO with this, I'm returning it to my family RIGHT now."

"NO," the fairy blurted out, "DON'T grab it like that!"

As Annabel grabbed the book to pick it up, she inadvertently used the hand that had been pricked by the broach and was still bleeding. Drops of blood made a smear along the spine as the young blonde placed her hand there and hefted the book. There was a bright flash and the book glowed a bright blue, the strange runes on its spine and cover lighting up. Annabel gave a yelp of surprise and dropped the book which fell back unto the table still glowing. Annabel herself felt dizzy and she collapsed back onto the chair putting her hand on her forehead. After a moment, the light from the book faded and all was normal again.

Annabel blinked in confusion and looked down dubiously at the book. "WHAT just happened?"

The fairy groaned, "what I hoped WOULDN'T happen. You really put your big foot in it NOW girly, you bonded the book."

"I did WHAT now?" Annabel said, trying to understand.

"You BONDED the book you silly mortal. You synced with it, bound it to you, became one with it, in short, it is now YOURS for ever and ever Annabel, well at least until you die."

The sorority girl gave the fairy a wide eyed look, "You're KIDDING?"

"No," the fairy confirmed, "I'm NOT. My dear Annabel, because of what you did, that book is now YOURS. You can't get rid of it short of dying. It will always be with you, and will find it's way back to you no matter what. You cannot not burn it or destroy it in any way short of special magical means. You, my dear Annabel, are now a Scholar and in doing so have made me stuck with you as your Fairy companion and helper. Oh by the way, she added, "I'm Selene, I am NOT terribly pleased to meet you."

Annabel just continued her wide eyed look of confusion and while still sitting, tossed back her pretty blonde head. She looked up at the ceiling and said in a voice of pure annoyance and frustration,

"Oh Fuck me, WHAT have I DONE and HOW the hell do I get out of THIS one?"

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Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)


Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

I read chapter 2 before this one, oops!

Hmm... actually, I now want to change my prediction. My guess is that Annabel will go on a journey to try and rid herself of the book, only to discover that in the end she appreciates Selene's company. It would be a wholesome ending. Lol!

Also the fairy says 'sync' (made me think of syncing your phone, lol), but I actually thought of spiritbonding. This must be the reason why gear cannot be traded to others, ha!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Um....yeah, I TOTALLY planned it that way with 'sync'! ;p

actually I kind of like the 'syncing' like with a phone, but with a book instead.
I am actually trying to attribute the book as a fantasy type 'phone' to 'call' the fairy and 'maybe' she will come; so 'Call me, Maybe?' ;-)
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