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A Modern Girl: Call me, Maybe? Chapter 2


Chapter 2: Sisterly Tasks

"You know, I can fix that."

Annabel looked up from where she had been concentrating. That damn prick, what had inadvertently caused all this mess, was still bleeding, and the young blonde was unsuccessfully trying to stop the blood flow. "You can? Wait, how? I've been trying for minutes with no luck."

Selene pointed a little finger to the broach. "It's because of the inducer, it causes the blood to flow freely for a long time. But you're in luck dearie for I can heal it, it's kind of what I do."

Annabel gave Selene an unbelieving look. "Really, you can.....heal, like medical heal, first aid and such?"

Selene scoffed, "Yes, REALLY! And no, none of your silly mortal techniques. We heal the old fashioned way, with magic!"

"Really," Annabel repeated, obviously not convinced. "I hate to break it to you Selene sweety but magic is NOT real. It's just some silly make believe stuff thought up by nerds and geeks at those silly games that they play on campus. I'm seen a few as I was walking by, WEIRD people I tell you."

"Wow," Selene said sarcastically, "you just keep getting better every minute don't you Annabel, can this GET any worse?...DON'T answer that, I don't want to be MORE disappointed with this situation." Fluttering to Annabel's side, the fairy gestured to her, "Come on, let me see it."

Still doubtful, Annabel extended her hand to reveal the bleeding finger in question. With a twinkle and a glow, Selene made a gesture causing the finger to glow in response. It was a strange feeling to Annabel, kind of warm and tingling. In a few seconds it was all over and Annabel examined her finger, the finger was whole again with no sign of the prick. She looked at Selene wide eyed, "it worked!"

"Of course it 'worked' silly, it's what I do. You know in hindsight, it PROBABLY would have been a good idea to heal you BEFORE you got blood on the book and bonded with it. Oops, silly me, that was SUCH a pixie thing to do."

Annabel gave the Fairy a Look, "you think? It would have saved ME a LOT of trouble, now I am STUCK with the thing, AND with you it seems. What WILL I tell Adora? Oh wait, who am I kidding, I'm not going to tell her ANYTHING about this, I'll never hear the END of it!"

Just then, the phone still on the table rang again. The caller Id showed it was once more Adora trying to reach Annabel. The pretty blonde groaned, "again? WHY is she calling? Oh right, I never DID listen to her message." She gave a sigh, "You," pointing at Selene, "you keep quiet; I do NOT want my sister hearing you and asking questions."

Selene, for her part, just crossed her arms and stuck her nose into the air. She eventually landed on the table to watch and wait, sitting beside the book.

Picking up the phone, Annabel let out a breath and answered it. "Hello?" She said in a neutral tone.

The voice on the other end sounded a combination of relieved and insistent. "Annabel? It's about time you answered, where have you been?"

"Oh, you know, busy doing this and that," Annabel said nonchalantly."What's up?"

"What's up?", Adora said annoyed. Did you NOT hear my message?"

Annabel hesitated, then said, "Um, no, sorry, like I said. I was a bit busy. I can listen to it now if you want."

"That's KIND of silly Anna, considering you are talking with me NOW, plus you would have to hang up on me to do it! Oh, never mind. Look, I called you to make sure you remembered the gathering tonight at the hall, you know, the one you SHOULD be attending?"

Annabel groaned, "Oh God, you mean the one with all those musty ol books? ADORA! It's so STUPID that I need to BE there, I'll JUST get in the way and be sooooo bored!"

Selene looked at Annabel with interest when she mentioned books. The fairy pointed to the grimoire and looked questionably. Annabel just shrugged and held her finger to her lips.

"Bored as you may be Annabel," Adora continued, "you ARE family, and Father would like the Ashcroft's to be represented. Now he is out of town and can't be there, and Alea is too young yet, that just leaves us. Adora paused for a moment, "look Anna, all I need for you to do really is what you normally do; look pretty and be social. I'll do all the serious talking."

"Oh thanks, I see I am SUCH a valuable commodity to the family." Annabel rolled her ayes at the phone and made a face. Selene looked questioningly at Annabel, but the young woman ignored her.

"Oh DON'T give me that Annabel," Adora said in a scolding tone. "You are what you are and from what I've seen, happy to BE that way. Look dear, like I said, just be social and help me with the books. Speaking of which......"

"Ugh, I KNEW it!" Annabel blurted out. "THAT'S the real reason you called me, you want to to go home and lug some of those annoying volumes to you, right?"

"Well, I can't do it," Adora said in a defensive tone. "You know very well I'm very busy here and I am sure you are not currently. You need to go home and change anyway Annabel, it will be little effort to collect the ones I need."

Annabel looked like she wanted to continue arguing but instead just swore silently then raised the phone to her face. "Fine sis, just send me an email with the ones you want, and WHERE to find them. If you don't, I will NEVER make it there on time."

"Oh believe me Annabel, I am well aware of that. I will send you an email shortly with the list and locations of the tomes. Don't worry," Adora reassured, "it's only five."

"Knowing you Adora, it will be five of the HEAVIEST ones! Ok, I am going, things to still do here you know before I can have you enslave me."

"Oh Annabel, it WON'T be that bad, and remember, TRY not to be your usual fashionably late self, goodbye."

With that the call ended and Annabel repeated what her sister said in a mocking tone. "'Don't be your USUAL fashionably late self Annabel.' Seriously? How can I be ANYTHING else? Stupid Sister."

Putting the phone down, Annabel once more turned to Selene who was still sitting on the table. "Still around, don't you have any other place to be? It looks like I got to, so I better get my stuff and get to my Family's home." She looked down at the book; "guess I better take this thing with me too and put it back where I found it."

"I'm telling you honey," Selene said, “it won't let you leave it for any long length of time, it WILL find its way to you no matter what."

"And I'm telling YOU fairy that I DON'T believe you! It's just a BOOK, it will STAY where I leave it. and it's going back to where I found it."

Standing up, Annabel reached for her purse and stuffed all her belongings into it, then slung it over her shoulder. She then grabbed the grimoire and made to leave. Seeing the fairy still there she halted.

"What, are you going to stay there? Like I said, don't you have some place to be?"

"I am waiting for you to dismiss me oh annoying Mistress," Selene said in a mocking gesture.

Annabel looked confused, "How the hell do I do that?"

Selene pointed to the book, "it's in there."

"I don't have time to look for it," Annabel said annoyed, "I gotta get home!"

Selene just shrugged, "Well then Annabel dear, I guess you are stuck with me until you do."

Annabel gave the Fairy an disbelieving look, "You're KIDDING! People will SEE you, I mean HOW can they NOT?"

"NOT my problem dear, YOU are the one in charge of the book. YOU are the one who summoned me."

"Greeeeat", Annabel stopped to think for a moment. "Can't you, I don't know, HIDE somewhere for now till I have time to, what did you say, dismiss you?"

"And WHERE am I doing to do that? In that bag? no thank you." Selene fluttered all around Annabel examining her.. "Hmmmmm, MAYBE the hair will do."

"The HAIR?" Annabel looked up and touched her honey-blonde locks, "exactly HOW?"

Selene gave a little grin, "like this." With a flutter and a twirl of sparkles, Selene flashed brightly for a moment. Then before Annabel's eyes, the little Fairy shrunk even more, becoming half her size. She then landed upon Annabel's hair and settled into it, becoming still. Curious, Annabel went to a nearby mirror in the hall. She couldn't believe it, for all practical purposes it looked like she was wearing a butterfly ornament in her hair, as long as Selene stayed still that was.

"Can you really STAY like that", she asked Selene.

"With concentration, yes," Selene confirmed. "Not forever of course, but I can do it for a an hour or so as long as YOU don't do something stupid like run your hand through your hair or move your head around too fast."

Annabel gave a nod, "works for me. Now I GOT to get home, get this book BACK to where it belongs, and get Adora's books ready."

A chime came from the phone in her purse and Annabel shifted the book a bit to reach in and grab it with a hand; it was Adora's email. Curious, Annabel unlocked her phone to see how bad her task was going to be. Scrolling though it, she scanned it quickly. Hmmmm, five books, all with weird names, at least Adora DID include where they were and......Oh Shit!

Annabel stopped for a moment and scanned a section of the email again. "Oh NO, she exclaimed, "I can't BELIEVE it!"

"What?" Selene said, "What's got you all in a tizzy now?"

"The list of books my Sister wants to display," Annabel said. She pointed her phone to the book in her hand, THIS is ONE of them!"

"Wow!" Selene whistled. "what you said before about being fucked, I believe that REALLY fits you right about now."

Continued: part 2
Comments (2)

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Ahaha, this is EXCELLENT!

1) Selene is just as bitchy as Anna, she's met her match! I said it in chat but I gotta say it here again, MDP doesn't have this much bitchiness in him despite being a million years old. It must be a talent only salty healers have. She even drops an F-bomb at the end, very few Annabel characters do that!

2) Annabel is totally screwed! She hates books, now she is a SCH. I bet one of those other grimoires contains Eos, lol!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

My predictions for the next episode:

Annabel will rouse Selene from her dormant form by running her hand through her head. Or slapping her head and squashing the fairy, lol.

Adora will learn about the fairy. She being Anna's big sis, and the one Annabel turns to in times of need for advice, I think it is natural she will find out.

The story will involve figuring out what Annabel's dad has to do with all these magic books.
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