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Modern Girl: Call me, Maybe? Chapter 3 part 1


With a squeal of tires, Annabel's car pulled into the hotel's roundabout. Letting out a breath, Annabel gave a sigh of relief. "Whew, made it, for a minute there I thought we weren't going to get here in time."

"For MORE than a minute I thought we were not going to get here at ALL." Selene shivered with the memory of Annabel's driving. "At least THAT'S over, oh wait..." A bright sparkly substance flew out of Selene's mouth, kind of like concentrated fairy dust. It covered the seat beside Annabel.

The young blonde cried out in surprise, "Shit, what the hell Selene? You are soooooo cleaning that up!"

A knock on the window shut the pair up and Annabel turned to see the valet waiting patiently. Oh God, she thought, I hope he did not see that. He must not of for his expression was of one waiting to do his job while trying very hard not to ogle at the really hot blonde sitting in the car. Smiling, Annabel lowered the window. "Hi, I"m here for the book party. The look of surprise from the attendant caused Annabel to frown. "Yeah, yeah I know, believe me I am just THRILLED to be going."

Popping the trunk, Annabel got out of the car and handed her keys over receiving a claim ticket in return. "Hold on a sec hun, need to get something from the trunk." Crate soon in hand, Annabel watched as her car sped away then headed into the hotel's lobby. It was your typical first class fancy hotel with various places to sit, places to eat, and rooms of all sorts. Heels clicking loudly on the marble flooring, Annabel Looked around as she walked, realizing she really had no idea where the event actually was. "Sign, sign, there's gotta be a sign", she said half to herself.

"You're lost, aren't you?" Selene whispered, "weren't you told where this was?"

"Um, probably", Annabel said. "Kind of forgot to look before grabbing the crate and you shush, no talking, well unless you know which way to go."

"I WOULD point at the obvious sign, but you know....have to pretend to be your bauble and all."

"Sign, where?" Annabel looked around and finally saw the rather obvious sign telling that the book event was on the second floor. She groaned in annoyance, "NOT another word Fairy and it was not THAT obvious."

Despite telling her not to, Selene quipped, "yes it was oh ditzy blonde."

Passing a mirror on the way to the elevator, Annabel turned to look at herself and gave her hairpiece a foul look. Selene quickly stuck out her tongue in reply before once more freezing in place. Annabel's thoughts turned moody as she waited for the elevator. God this night is going to be hell, I just KNOW it.

The elevator soon arrived and carried Annabel and her cargo to the second floor. Getting out, she saw that the guiding signs were more prominent here and soon Annabel found herself at the conference center's entrance. A sign greeted visitors in large letters, 'Welcome lovers of knowledge'. Annabel made a face, "Lovers of knowledge, please, lovers of the ungodly boring if you ask me." She half expected the fairy to make a snide comment but Selene stayed quiet and still. Probably for the best, there were starting to be a lot of people around, couldn't have her moving around and all now.

Stepping through the entrance, Annabel could see the event was not quite ready yet. People were milling around getting displays ready and setting up tables. In a corner she could see one for food and refreshments, at least there would be something to eat. If she was lucky maybe some booze too, Annabel had a strong feeling she would be needing a drink before this was all over.

As she walked about the room crate in tow, Annabel took in the reserved chaos. Books of all kinds, volumes like the ones she carried, being displayed, studied, and probably before the end of the night debated over. It was all so dull, dull, dull, WHY was she here again? The answer to that question soon came into view.

At one of the bigger displays stood her sister Adora going over some list. She was older than Annabel by 6 years making her 27. Even though they were sisters and both blonde, Adora Ashcroft was taller than Annabel by several inches and carried herself with more elegance, more maturity. Annabel was prettier, but Adora was gifted with intelligence, which gave her a more serious attitude and personality compared to Annabel's self centered immaturity. Adora's hair was coiffed in a fashionable bun and she was dressed in a fine suit consisting of a red silk blouse, black jacket and modest black skirt with coffee colored hose and patent leather pumps.Tastefully selected gold jewelry about her neck, wrists and hands completed the outfit. For all her studious nature Adora knew how to look sharp; Annabel was actually kind of proud of her sister for that.

Walking up to Adora, Annabel set the crate down on the table in front of her. "There you go sis. See, I wasn't late."

Adora looked at her watch, "yes Annabel, but you did cut it awfully close." She sighed, "I guess I should take what I can get, you got them all then?"

Annabel nodded, "sure did, all five right here," she gestured to the crate. "They're your responsibility now."

"Very well, thank you Annabel for doing this for me. Remember though, DON'T leave, you are helping me tonight. Let me look at you," Adora gave Annabel the once over. "Did I not say something demure, you look like you are ready for a club."

"Oh come ON," Annabel said looking slightly insulted, "this is demure, well at least for me. I think it's rather tasteful, certainly better than most of the women here in their boring outfits. I mean look at them, boring black dresses and suits all frumpy, can't accessorize worth a damn. It's just embarrassing I tell you."

"I am in a black suit," Adora pointed out.

"Yeah," Annabel conceded, "but at least you look good in yours. I like to think my fashion expertise rubbed off on you in some way."

Adora just shook her head at that, her sister was really something sometimes, she did stand out though from the others in the room, which was to be expected with her looks. Noticing Annabel's baubles Adora pointed to them. "Rather heavy with the butterflies tonight aren't we dear? Wait, in your hair, is that a new one? Really Annabel, isn't one enough? What, did Candice get that for you too?"

Surprised at her sister's criticism, Annabel became defensive. "What, what's wrong with them, I happen to like butterflies as you very well know. And um...yes, it was a gift from Candi, you know her, she knows my style." Well, she guessed that was one way to explain Selene away, Annabel just hoped Adora would leave it at that.

"Well, never mind," Adora dropped the subject and turned her attention to the crate. Opening it up, she studied the spines of the volumes. She gave her younger sister a pleased smile. "Well done Annabel, all five correct, I'm impressed. I'll have to start getting your help more often in the future."

Annabel tried very hard not to look like she wanted to strangle her sister. "Um...well, I'm glad you're happy with it and all. Look sis, doing that for you I didn't get to eat and I don't want to be in your way so........."

Adora gave another sigh, "fine Annabel, go get something. It's probably a good idea you are not in my way anyway, The event will start soon and I need to display these, be back here in a half an hour."

Annabel nodded to her sister, "you got it sis. Don't worry, I won't sneak out or anything." Saying that, Annabel soooo wished she could now, now she was stuck till the end of this stupid thing, Damn it!

Seeing Adora talking to some assistants told Annabel it was her cue to leave and she did so making a beeline for the food table she had seen earlier. It was still being set up, but a little flirting with the helpers convinced them to let her snag a few goodies early, being beautiful DID have it's perks.

As Annabel sat in an out of the way area balancing a plate of finger food and watching the activity before her, Selene spoke up.

"So you actually left it with her, do you even know what she's going to do with it? Oh and by the way, there is NO way she can possibly be related to you, she's too.....not like you."

Annabel tried not to look annoyed for fear of attracting attention. "WHY are you talking, someone might hear you. And for your information, yes we are related, we just happen to have different personalities. That DOES happen with siblings you know."

"No, I DON"T know that," Selene said a little more quietly. "None of the other people I bonded with ever had me around their families; it was always a solo or business thing."

"Really?" Annabel said surprise in her voice. "Huh, well watch and learn bug, sisters can be VERY different from one another but still related. As for the book, I have NO idea why Adora wanted it or what this whole thing exactly is for. It was kind of a last minute thing, remember?"

"Well, YOU better remember, you are bonded to that book so it's never going to leave your side for very long. It gets too far from you and it will pop right back near you, usually when you least expect it. So don't cry out like a scared little bitch when it happens, those cries of yours are QUITE annoying."

"Shut it bug or I'll show you a true bitch. Look, I'm sure Adora is doing nothing with that book other than showing it off. It's kind of these people's way of preening, showing off their 'oh so cool' book collections. Please, a bunch of crap if you ask me....."

A voice over the speaker system interrupted Annabel. "Attention, the sale and auction will be starting soon. Vendors, please have your wares displayed and ready for perusal.

Annabel's breath caught, Auction? Oh Shit......

"Um," Selene said, "I think your sister's about to have a REALLY big surprise when she tries to sell that book."

Continued: Part 2
Comments (8)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

There you go fans, the start of chapter 3. It's actually kind of good to be writing again, I hope you enjoy it.

And yes my dear game wife, you are going to show up soon in this. I haven't forgotten you. ;-)

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Oh dear a binding book *is not cleaning up after Selene either

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I think it is amusing that this surpassed the MSQ story in views even though it came after it. I guess people just like the 'Modern Girl' stuff more. ;-)

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

So I read it twice and finally got to sit down and properly write my thoughts!

"Annabel was prettier of course" Lol!! Come on now Anna! Your author favoritism is way too obvious!

I will say that an auction is not what I expected! Well, Annabel is gonna be in hot water very soon. The book will get sold, and it will pop back into her lap, and she will either be accused of theft, or the truth of magic and hocus-pocus will be revealed!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

I do not see any easy way out of this predicament for Annabel, so it will be quite interesting to see what happens next.

If this is a rom com, I would bet that the book gets bought by some tall, dark and handsome man and that is how the protagonists meet each other. It remains to be seen what genre this story is set in, muhahaha.

P.S. Annabel is clearly cheating in the story. The Makai markswoman ribbon is not SCH gear last I checked, the naughty cheater.

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Good read. Bravo.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Well of COURSE I have author favoritism, Annabel is my Girl! ;p

I did remove the 'of course', rereading it, it did not really fit well.

Well remember, I don't have a plot line written out or anything when I write these, I decide where the story is going AS I am writing it unless something pops in my head while I am doing something else and I need to write it down because I like it

So this means NOTHING is predetermined right now! The story can go whatever way I feel like it when writing it.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Well that's odd, for some reason this is no longer in the top posts area even though it should be #2. It has not expired or anything yet.

Something the moderators did maybe? Who knows.
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