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Annabel's REAL life stuff: Illness and things


I just wanted to write a little update on me. As you might have noticed, I pretty much disappeared from the lodestone. The reason was I got horribly sick during December. I won't go into details but it was REALLY bad. I was bedridden and ill for over 3 weeks and Christmas plans had to be cancelled because I was too sick and weak to go anywhere or do anything. Even now I am not 100% back to normal, but much better, I would say about 95% I just need to get into the swing of things and get back to exercising to get stronger. On the plus side, I lost over 20 pounds! Yay being sick? Now to NOT gain it back. ;p

As to writing, yeah there has been none. My illness crippled my joints so I could not use my fingers very well. So there was no way I could write anything or play games for that matter while I was ill. It sucked too because my muse did kick in a couple of times, but i could not take advantage of it and lost it. I will tell you, it was NO fun trying to type while working, took FOREVER to write anything. Yeah, I still worked while I was sick since I work from home, I can still work even bedridden. Thank GOD it was slow and the holiday season!

But back to writing, I have started writing a bit again, but I have no idea when I will put something out. I know I need to get 'Annabel's Journey' going again and complete Shadowbringers. It is REALLY hard to get motivated though. It is what I feared with doing the MSQ without writing what I did before moving to the next part. It made me NOT want to do it. Well, I will tell you no more; I will NOT do that again. From now on, I will not continue the MSQ until I have everything written up before hand.

But I still need to get it written up and I think I am going to have to cut back and not do what I wanted to do with the story so I can just get it completed. This means I think I am going to do most of the rest of Shadowbringers in the 'silly' Annabel style rather than the more 'serious' Annabel style. Comedy is much easier for me to write than drama unless my muse is involved. It will be much easier for me to think things up and get it written if I do it this way. I know, I know, serious story and all that, but I have only myself to blame for pushing through the MSQ too quickly. Honestly though, I WANT to do some Adora/Alea and MDP/Minnie comment stuff, I really enjoy doing that.

As for 'Modern Girl', I have actually started chapter 3 of it, so there will be more of modern Annabel and that pesky Selene's antics in the real world.

As for FF14, I am playing again somewhat. Thank God I got most of the Blue mage spells in the rush before I got ill, just need 1 from Coil 1 and the last 2 carnavale spells for full completion.

Don't have much to do though other then job leveling, which is BORING! BLEH! I want to play White Mage and HEAL, not level DPS's!

Speaking of that, I finally started doing Eden normal and did VERY well considering I went in blind for every one of them, just need to do the last one.

You know, funny thing is is that I seem to do MUCH better in Trials and Raids then I do in dungeons for some reason. I die FAR less fighting primals and raid bosses than I do the dungeon stuff, which I can be REALLY bad on. I think it's because of the support from the 8 and 24 mans, then the 4 man, which it is me and me alone healing. Oh, I STILL want to do Titania EX eventually, I wish I could find a practice group for it.

Well that is everything for now, I hopefully will also start my 'annoying' blog posts again too just to be a pain in the ass. ;p I just need something to write about.

Here's to a better year, both in the game AND real life! ;-)

Comments (3)

Minerva Evergreen

Ultros (Primal)

Didnt know you left since I only recently came back here myself. Good youre better now though. Honestly its refreshing to hear about rl stuff here.

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Welcome back lovely, you know we will help you out as much as possible in getting back to the groove if you need it and look forward to your stories to come!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Thanks, I'm just glad to be getting back to some normalcy. ;-) With the holidays over, day to day life will be getting back to normal.

Yeah, I need to get back into the 'groove' so to speak. I did very well doing Eden though, so I have not lost my WHM skill.

And I will try to get that writing going more so I can put stuff out. I know my few fans DO miss it. Heck, I miss it. ;p
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