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Faerie (Aether)

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Oh Shiva, you STILL can be a pain.

So got Shiva hard in trial roulette; people go, Ha, easy peasy, we'll finish this in no time.....

Ice warrior phase, Attack wipes 5 people. :O I am not sure if it was the sword cleave or the tank buster that did it; it just surprised the hell out of me.

Left is a tank, a dps, and me and I am thinking, "should we just reset”, then went; "Nah, I can save us."

Deal with freeze, then proceed to raise the other healer, then the other tank, all while dodging mechanics and healing. Other healer and I then raise the rest of the dps's and we kill her.

Got five comms for saving their asses and the run. ;p

Yeah, Unreal runs have made me soooo used to her. LOL

Hint: tanks still have to so SOME mechanics with her or it can HURT!

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Bear Barlow

Balmung (Crystal)

Let not her ice aspected aether freeze your warm heart.

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

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