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Anna's M.I.N.E.adventures: T13 Bahamut prog.

I did not post anything last week on this, but this week I will give an update on T13.

As this is the last of the Coils runs and one of the hardest, it is NOT something that will be done in a week or 2. It will probably be like Nael which took 6 weeks of prog to clear.

This will technically be week 3 although week one was only a half hour, so really 2 full weeks of progging.

So how am I doing?

Actually pretty well. I think the experience of all previous 12 coils MINE level has really helped me get used to hard stuff. Sure there has been many mistakes, but my healing it has gotten a LOT better from last week.

We can do megaflares pretty well now with no messups. We even Got orbs down pat pretty well as well as Gigaflare, and the adds, and Bahamut's rage. Right now we are working on those damn divebombs. (CRY)

Ugh, divebombs.....they were a pain in Twintania and they are a PAIN here! TWO of them happen at once, Twintania and Bahamut himself, so you got to avoid BOTH of them at the SAME time! BLEH! As expected, my (currently) cute self constantly gets nailed by them! I need much, MUCH practice on this!

The adds in this phase though give us no problems, it's just those damn stupid divebombs! (Oh, and did I mention that there is a Magaflare RIGHT after the divebomb? Yeah, there IS! UGH!)

If you can survive all the dive crap, you get to see Terraflare. Yeah people, it just KEEPS going up in strength. This one though can only be survived by a Tank LB3. No LB3, it's a wipe people! (Ok, they say you CAN possibly survive it with a LB2, but I ain't going to try it!:O)

So yes, we ACTUALLY got to phase FOUR, which is the LAST one! YAY, in TWO (and a half hour) weeks of progging people!

This phase introduces tethers in the megaflare as well as even MORE towers to deal with. There is also additional crap to deal with involving earthshakers, which makes it harder to place them. There are also Ahk Morns, which REALLY hurt, BADLY! Thank GOD Healers don't have to deal with them, only tanks and DPS. Oh yeah, and MORE Gigaflares, which also REALLY hurt! SOOOOOO much HEALING!

With a LOT of luck, we MAY clear this next weekend. GOD I HOPE so! I am soooooo tired and sooooo want this static to end so I get my Sunday evenings back!

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