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My time as a Lalafell


With the patch coming out, I will soon be changing back to my normal Hyur self for the MSQ. But I wanted to tell about my time as a Lalafell.

I have now been a Lala for a little over a month now. I did not expect to have spent so much time as one, but since fantasia's are NOT cheap, I wanted to get some worth out of the thing, so finally decided to go for at least a month doing it before changing back.

So how IS being a Lala? Well I will TELL you! It is CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!

As I said before, everything they DO is cute, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

I am serious, it doesn't matter WHAT it is, it WILL be cute looking!!!!!

Walking- cute
running- cute
fighting = cute
emotes - ALL cute
Dancing - cute
sleeping and waking up - cute
Riding ANYTHING - cute
idle animations - cute
Even DYING is cute!

Ok, I lied; there IS something they are NOT cute with at times and that is some of the outfits they wear. Not everything works with Lala's, and some things look like complete garbage on them causing them not to be so cute.

Speaking of outfits, if you are a female Lalafell, buy the princess dress. It looks AWESOME on them, seriously, the thing is MADE for the Lala body. Plus you get those superb heels and a great skirt.

Head pats- Yes people, these ARE a thing and if you are a Lala people just love doing them! I honestly didn't mind it, I thought it was funny when someone did one.

Cute Comms! - In instances, I have lost track of all of the people who told me I was just the cutest thing and just LOVED how I looked in my Princess dress. Seriously, it happened ALL the time, I was just shocked! Aren't people used to Lala's by now? ;p This resulted in Comms galore! I would estimate I have received over 50 Cute Comms since I have been a Lala, even as a DPS! :O

In fact, as an Insufferably Cute Lalafell I am FAR more noticed and praised by people than I am as a hot blonde Hyur. Honestly, that is one of the reasons I have stayed as a Lala for as long as I have. Hey, I DO like praise. ;-)

UGH! Ok, FINE, I ADMIT it, I LIKE being a LALAFELL, OK? Damn it, I NEVER thought I would say that! BAH!

Buuutttttt, they DO have some bad sides to them, which are making me turn back to Hyur.

First is the for mentioned outfits. Lala's DO look cute in things, but they DON'T look 'hot', and I DO like looking hot in beautiful outfits! Many of my favorite outfits do not look that great on Lala bodies and I miss looking really pretty and fashionable.

Second is combat. the Lala's POV in combat is lower than other races and that can be an issue at times. It sometimes is hard to see things and you have to adjust to compensate. You get used to it, but at times, you just miss the easier POV of a taller race for ease. Also, people have told me that is is VERY easy to lose track of me in combat since I am so small and hard to find me to make sure I am not in trouble somewhere.

(Um, I am Annabel Ashcroft, Princess of the ditzy blondes, of COURSE I am going to be in 'trouble' somewhere! LOL)

So much so, that sometimes they stick a marker on me to make it easier to track me. ;p
I mean they COULD just click my name to mark me, but I guess it don't matter at times. LOL

Hard to see - That last part is true to yourself too. Sometimes it is REALLY hard to see yourself on the screen if many things are going on clustered together. It can be quite easy to lose track of where you are and it gets you into trouble.

On normal stuff this is not that much of an issue, but in hard instances it is since there is usually a LOT of crap going on at the same time. Little Lala's with a TON of AOE attack effects do NOT mix!

And lastly, sometimes the cuteness DOES get you since since it is in constant use! All the 'sugary' cute and sweet things Lala's do is overload for some people.

So will I ever go back to being a Lala? Weeeelllll, I DID buy 3 fantasias and will have 2 after I turn back to Hyur. So yes, yes I will go back to Lala someday. I had fun with it and I DO look positivity adorable as a Blonde Lala. ;-)

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Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

You're obviously lying about there being things that look bad on Lalas.

I play with my camera zoomed out all the way so I don't have those issues, but I do lose myself at times. I ended up making it so that my health bar was always visible in combat (and I different color) just so that I would always know where I was.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

LOL Kupo, Being a male Lalafell, you are probably not as picky as me about outfits. ;p

In some of them, especially the sexier ones, Lala's just look too fat and plump in them to be very flattering. It's VERY noticeable compared to my Hyur self.

And as for POV, I have had many people tell me they don't like the lower Lala POV compared to the higher one of the other races. I don't know how many other races you have tried out, but it IS noticeable and hard to adjust to sometimes.

Enesha Melwalx

Zodiark (Light)

I have a male Lala as well altogether with a male Au Ra (Enesha aside), and I can say the PoV differences are kinda neglectable, but it depends on personal comfort. I actually can say playing on Mitran (my Lala) makes me focus on the battleground way more than playing on Noloic (the Au Ra). The character just covers less screen, that’s it.

As for outfits, yes, I can agree, Lalafells aren’t exactly great when it comes to them ahah especially females, they just look like.. chompy and childish 🧐

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

Aww farewell Lalannabel!

I've played both male and female lalas and I gotta say I agree, the clothing options for boys are better (I think it's cause many outfits are designed with boobs in mind and don't look as nice without em). Not that it makes any damn sense to have genderlocked attire for lalas though since both genders basically have the same model, but eh (let me wear the stupid Krile outfit SE).

Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

I started the game as a lala and what you describe re: POVs and such is actually the opposite of my experience - since I'm so damn used to lalas, playing a tallie feels harder and less comfortable. I always feel like my character is blocking the whole screen and I can't see for shit. I played a femroe for a while and it was a STRUGGLE!

Sugar Puff

Siren (Aether)

I love playing my Lala but it was an adjustment at first, getting used to how much attention people pay to her in comparison to my Miqo'te main. One night I was flying a couple friends around the Sea of Clouds to get their aether currents and went afk for awhile, then when I got back my friend told me to look at the chat log. Somebody had spent at least five minutes just patting my head and emoting at me while I was gone, LOL.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

OMG Sugar Puff, that happened to me ALL the time! LOL
Yes, I got FAR more attention as a Lala, especially in that princess dress.

And what do you expect, Cat girls are a dime a dozen, honestly, they all tend to look and dress alike so they don't stand out. Also, many Hyur are like that too.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

I al sorry Lalli, but I just HAD to turn back, I missed my ditziness too much. ;p

Plus I look REALLY good in that new dress as a Hyur, now just to GET it! Come down in price you stupid cloth, it's a pain in the ass doing maps for it!
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