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Diamond EX cleared!

So, NEW EX fight, (UGH), and NEW mechanics to learn and tortured by! (ALSO UGH) Honestly, I don't know WHY I kill myself trying to learn these fights. I don't really farm them, and it is HELL trying to learn them without a guide to look at.

But I did it ANYWAY, and yes I WAS successful, FINALLY!

I was supposed to do it with a set party on Tue, but that fell through and did not happen. So I had to rely on Party finder groups to try and learn the fight.

As usual, it was ROUGH! Soooooo much variance of quality. Ironically, the first group I tried it with was actually very good and we got her to 30% and saw phase 3. But sadly, it only lasted one session before breaking up. After that it was totally down hill. Sigh......

Subsequent groups were just terrible with people dying all over the place and poor DPS. ....

Ok, FINE, I WAS one of those that kept dying. HEY, this is ME, of COURSE I was dying all over the place, it's what I DO to LEARN this crap! Phhhhhht!

I would NOT get those stupid knockback tethers right, I could NOT get the teleporter sequence right. I got mixed up on stack and spread, I CONSTANTALLY got knocked around by doggie AND knocked off the platform ALL the time. And plus I just CANNOT do MATH it seems and got those STUPID numbers mixed up! WAAAAAAH!!!!!!

But I DID eventually learn from my many, MANY deaths! I now HOW to do teathers right, I know HOW to see which one is stack and spread. I know HOW to do the teleporting right. I can do stupid doggie WITHOUT dying. AND I can now do those super SUCKY numbers right!

(If people use the RIGHT sequence to DO them! PEOPLE, there is now ONE right way to DO this, DON'T use your STUPID variations which mess people up! GRRRRR)

Luckily, I got into a REALLY good group last night, which was progging stage 2. This was an interesting group in that they did NOT care about the whole one job only thing, so there were TWO red mages. (more ressing, YAY!)

Now, in the previous practice attempts I was doing this as a Dancer as to not be a liability when I died. (and BOY did I DIE! ;p ) But since this group had 2 red mages, I decided to go as my beloved White Mage since if I did die, I would get raised easily. So this was my FIRST time healing this, God help me!

By now I was good enough that I hardly died on phase one and two, so I only needed practice on the STUPID numbers and everything after that which I had barely seen. So HOW bad was I as a healer?

(Hey we CLEARED, so Phhhhhhht!)

Oh, we also had discord, so there WERE callouts that did help.

I actually was not THAT bad. Yes, I DID miss up on stupid dog sometimes because for SOME reason he kept HITTING me when jumping around even though I WAS stacked with the others. It was TOTAL bullshit and REALLY pissed me off! GRRRRRR!

I did mess up on the numbers a lot of the time still, but eventually got it right. (Hey, math IS hard! and I was not the ONLY one who messed up on them, so THERE!)

I want to say, one thing that was VERY interesting about this group was the DPS. Now with many groups, ol Diamond was usually somewhere in the 50+-60+ percent range of damage by the time we had reached the numbers phase. I had even seen 40+ percent with some groups.

This group had Diamond in the 30+ percent damage range CONSTANTALLY!

Let me say this again. This group, compared to ALL the others, got Diamond down to around 30 % left by the time we hit the numbers. That was UNGODLY good! AND this with people DYING too! :O

AND, this with TWO of the same job in the group! It REALLY makes me wonder if that whole one job thing for better DPS is just pure bullshit.

So because of this, I was able to see a LOT pf phase three and FINALLY learn how to do it! Yeah, there were a BUNCH of mess ups. Getting hit by bits, wrong teleporting, not fast enough to stack and spread. (I blame bits!) AND those damn towers! UGH, the TOWERS!

If you don't do them right, it is a wipe. and there were sooooo many wipes from them!

Eventually though we got our crap together and saw enrage, twice. By then we were on our second 60 min attempt. Most of the first one was taken up by messing up on the numbers. It was nearing the end of the timer and I REALLY did NOT want to go for a third hour on this. It was almost 1 AM for crying out loud! So there was one last attempt on it and it was........PERFECT! Well, almost. ;p

I think only one person died to doggie and had Diamond to 28% by numbers. We FINALLY did numbers perfect with NO deaths! We did bits, teleports, stacks, spread, placement, and towers mostly correctly, but still had a few deaths, which were dealt with by an healer LB3. (I really did NOT think it was needed, but we were close and wanted them up fast)

And finally it was over. Diamond went down and I FINALLY got my clear, YAY! I was sooooo relived! And get this, I did it as a HEALER, HA! I was sooooo happy about that!

In fact we did it sooo fast, we did not even see the second set of numbers, thank GOD! THOSE are a real PITA with those bits around!

So am I going to do anymore of her? I would say probably. You get two totems when doing it and the weapons are 525 i-level, so good for side jobs. I need to compare them to Emerald's to see what the stats are. I care more about stats than I-level, so if they are crappy, I won't bother for some jobs.

One done, now for the other. I still need to try and clear Leviathan Unreal. Just CAN'T seem to do it. 2% enrage makes Annabel cry, LOTS! WAAAAAAH!

PS: It really amuses me when people try to use those guide macros on NA servers. Silly people, we Aether's prefer long-winded Explanations on how to do EVERYTHING that will take 10 minutes of instance time to explain! LOL

Seriously, many here TOTALLY ignore them; and even though they look nice when making them and posting them on blogs, they KIND of don't work too well in little chat windows, too hard to read.

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