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Easy EX's MINE for sprouts!


So my last post told you what EX's to avoid doing MINE in party finder to avoid MUCH pain and suffering.
This one is to help you with ones that are easy to do even at MINE level and won't tax new players too much.

Note: The mechanics for most of these are barely above the normal level fight synced. The MINE version just adds a bit more damage which is actually trivial.


Actually none; All EX's here are significantly harder than the normal fight, and the MINE versions even more so. If you wanted to know the easiest of them I would say Shiva. Her mechanics are very repetitious and once known, are easily done. Ifrit would be 2nd. Get healers who can handle searing wind and it is not bad.


Limitless Blue: The easiest primal in the game. Seriously, Bismarck is sooooo easy, even at MINE level beating him is trivial. There are only a few added mechanics which are easily managed and the whole fight is pretty forgiving. You should have NO problem clearing this MINE.

Thok ast Thok: Ravana is also a VERY easy primal to beat MINE level. People are shocked he goes down so easily once you know how to dodge his mechanics. This is another one sprouts will be able to get a MINE clear with little effort after a few pulls.

P1T6: I am adding Sophia here because she is the easiest of the containment primals to beat. Even at MINE level she is not too hard once you know her tilts and other mechanics.


Pool of Tribute: Believe it or not, Susano EX is ACTUALLY easier than the normal version of this fight. The mechanics are less punishing and easier to do. Even on MINE, it just adds more damage. New players should easily clear this in less than an hour of pulling.

Emanation: Lakshmi is the 2nd easiest primal in all of FF14. Her EX mechanics are barely much more then the normal level and are VERY forgiving. Hell, even on MINE level they do not do much damage. New people should easily clear this in about 3-4 pulls MINE.

Jade Stoa: Byakko is the easiest of the Four Lords and not that hard MINE level. It may take a few pulls to get used to him, but decent groups should be able to clear him MINE level in about a hour of progging.


The Crown of the Immaculate: Easiest of the SHB primals: Innocence ex is pretty easy to beat. Hell, going in blind, I beat normal ex in two pulls. The MINE version is not much harder, his AOE's just hit for more damage. Avoid them and you are golden.

Dancing Plague: Titania is not too hard to beat MINE level IF you do her tethers and adds PROPERLY! The hard part MINE is it takes a while to kill the adds and the longer they are out, the more hell it is for you. Also, 3rd phase Titania can be a bit of a bitch MINE She CAN be done MINE with a decent group, but expect to see her enrage or be very close to it when you kill her. Lastly, lightening tether HURTS on MINE, tanks NEED to share it with the DPS, NO taking all tethers, you WILL die from the damage.

There you go, EX fights that won't tax you sprouts TOO much, and will allow you to get some clears on them at MINE level to brag to people. ;p

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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

An addendum to this.

When I wrote this I had not yet done the EX version of Ultima Weapon MINE. Now that I have, that fight is actually the easiest of the ARR primals to do MINE level.

All UW does is variations of the various ARR primal attacks with a few advanced stuff of its own thrown in on the later phases.

If you can do his orb sets correctly, (which is the hardest mechanic), you got this one beat easily on MINE.
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