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The lack of excitement for new stuff

So Endwalker is out and the excitement of the newness is so overwhelming that the poor queues can't handle it at peak hours. People want to overdose themselves in everything shiny and new; the MSQ, the jobs, the outfits, the new things to craft, etc, etc...... it's a crazy time right now to play.

Despite my better judgement to avoid the madness, I decided to get the expansion, (thanks to a ton of unexpected overtime), and see what the new stuff was all about. I figured, "hey, new and fresh things to do instead of the SAME old stuff over and over again, yay!" Plus it sparked my writing again, which was a good thing.

So I log on, continue the MSQ story, get to Sharlayan, do a quest here and there and.......stop.

"Wait", both the lovers and haters of my blog are saying. "WTF you Blonde ditz! There is NEW stuff to do, lots to see! Jobs, Crafts, CLOTHES you crazy fashion diva, and last of all Pixie wings to get!!!!! Get your cute rear moving!"

Yeah people, I hear what you are saying. New stuff, you think I would be rearing to go and get fully into it. Hell, my sweet Aria finished the damn story in a WEEK! (but then she is a FF14 addict and VERY impatient woman ;-))

But I just kind of .......DON'T feel like playing it. I log on do some MSQ progress and just feel.....bored doing it. Even the new jobs, I just feel bored doing them. I am dreading having to grind all those jobs to 90, especially the crafting ones I have done. Even with the new stuff, it all seems kind of the same things to do.

It's all funny, the story sounded like it would be interesting, the whole mystery of what is going on in Sharlayan and why they don't want to help. But as I do it, it just really annoys me that I have to interact with those oh so boring Scions and hear their thoughts and backstories about this place and it's customs. My God, sooo much talking, just get on with the actual story damn it!. It's dragging and really, really boring me. So much so, it's driving me away from the game.

Plus the jobs. I unlocked Sage and tried it out a little, but honestly, although it looks quirky and different. ultimately if I was going to heal I would just use my beloved White Mage. Reaper I have not touched so have no comment on it.

You know, when I DO log on, I find myself just doing the roulette trials and raids. One this I really like about the new expansion is the stat squish. I don't care what others say about it; from the fights I have been in it DOES make a difference and the fights more dangerous. People, I HEAL this stuff, I see the damage being done to people and Honey, it is considerably more than it used to be. People who don't respect the mechanics, (DPS's I'm looking at YOU!), get hit for massive amounts of damage sometimes, which I think they were not expecting. Hell, not a fight goes by now that SOME DPS or multiple ones don't end up wiped by one or two nasty AOE or direct hits and I have to res their asses.

I think it has made the fights more challenging and more fun to do for me. Hell, I have noticed thanks to doing all of that hard stuff that my skill has improved drastically and I handle mechanics FAR better than I did before. This has also been reflected in the comms I get as I stay alive and keep people up or rezzed.

But sadly, I can't access the new fights until I get my ass through the MSQ, and right now I just don't know how long that is going to take with my disinterest rearing its ugly head.

I know part of the reason for this is the holiday. It takes up a lot of time and will be doing even more now since it is very near now. I will be traveling and have many gatherings to go to over the week. Because of covid, it's been a couple years since I have gotten to see old friends from up north so lots of catching up to do, food to eat, and weight to gain. UGH! ;-)

Plus there are the other games to play besides FF14. Stupid Generation Zero has gotten me into its clutches. It's a silly game, just run around the countryside scavenging supplies and survive against killer robots that want to end all human life; but honestly, I am finding the 'cat and mouse' tactics of that game a lot more fun than dealing with those FF14 quests right now. Plus there are the VR games that just keep getting better and better as time goes on and people get more skilled at making them. If you have a VR unit, Halflife Alyx is just amazing in VR, pure Valve greatness there.

So there you go. Sure I will eventually get my butt into gear and get the story done. I will need to do it to be able to see the EX fights, the raids, and the endgame fashions and other goodies. But honestly, I have NO idea how long it will really take to reach the finish line this time. SHB took 5 months to finish, I would not be surprised if Endwalker took that long if not more.

Plus you know, the whole writing thing, that REALLY kills my speed, but hey, it keeps me motivated in the game too. ;-)

See you all in the game........sometime. LOL

Comments (9)

Misa Ayuzawa

Behemoth (Primal)

I have to admit the beginning of the story was a bit boring.. it gets good. Once you get past the moon it is so freaking good. And! 6.1 is coming out Tuesday. All the new normal raids & gear. The squashed stat is a bit annoying on paper. In the dungeons and Ex trials - it’s fine as a healer.

Bear Ironfist

Faerie (Aether)

This expansion really ebbs and flows. I didn't care for the pacing, and the highs were often too abrupt or flanked by such tonal shifts, it took me out of the narrative, but better to do it when you are feeling it than skipping it.

Kupo Warkson

Siren (Aether)

I haven't even bothered trying to sit through the queue to finish up the Shadowbringers msq.

Sigurd De-mizar

Phoenix (Light)

Well, I have some problem with certain part of the story, but I think it is very well written. Especially from the middle to the end, the pace picks up. I also find there are some quotes that are very touching. I guess there is no need to rush the msq if you find other things you want to do more. I personally prefer ShB more but the EndWalker story is also very good.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Yeah Misa, it is fine for a healer since we are now ACTUALLY heailng! LOL I think it's great people are taking more damage and we as healers need to be on the ball and not focus on DPSing most of the time.

Sigh, and the comments about the MSQ, I was afraid of that. It sounds like I will be struggling a bit and even more so then you all since I need to concentrate on the story for my writing.

But as I said, I will eventually make it to the finish line.

Hi Panda

Gilgamesh (Aether)

I skip cutscenes….

Yuki Kuroi

Goblin (Crystal)

You are not the only one who is bored with Endwalker story. I too are bored and I would say I skip 80% of the cutscenes until about almost end of the final battles . The best part is I would say after Elpis the story give u goosebumps. But before that too much useless talk I agree with you. Overall tbh I wouldn’t give new expansion a high rating despite what people say how good it is. I would give 5/10 lol. They are kind of repeatable. I will stop subscribing in fee days for break. Too bored.

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

Anna, Unsub and take another break ;D
If you are that miserable why play?
- I feel the same, so I honestly have logged in when I felt up to waiting for my typical 1,000-2,000 Que time.
-I have focused on PvP and leveling, enjoying side quest for extra lore.
-When I feel like I'm staring at the screen, or asking myself "what am I going to do?" I log out and do some other shit. Always something to do around the house, with the family ect.

Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

" But I just kind of .......DON'T feel like playing it. I log on do some MSQ progress and just feel.....bored doing it. Even the new jobs, I just feel bored doing them"

LoL I wrote a blog how much are you getting paid to play? It's true.
I personally, LOVE sage. It's VERY OFFENSIVE damage, with a DEFENSIVE mindset for healing. Keeps you busy, moving, and I enjoy it.
As Yoda said
"TRY NOT or DO NOT, THERE IS NO TRY". If this game is so boring you NEED to announce it take a break :D
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