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O11 Savage MINE Cleared!

Yes, it FINALLY happened. O11S is done and Omega turned into scrap! Yay!

And as usual, it happened on the LAST pull of the night. (which honestly, is kind of weird it keeps happening!)

Ugh, soooo glad it is over. I will tell you, Pantocrator is just HELL to do, especially the second one!
And I hope there will be NO more magnets! Bleh!

And yes, NO deaths for this ditzy blonde, I think.....Honestly, I don't remember if I DID die or not, it all kind of blurs after upteen runs.

So now onto the last one of the series, O12s!
I hear that this one is soooooo hard to do MINE, few groups have accomplished it. Well I be able to go the distance? Who knows.

God help me! (Cry!)
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Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

So, since O12s MINE is going to be sooooo hard, the group has decided to take a break for a month and start it up at the end of July. This actually works well since it is also summer and many people go on vacation around this time.

Since I have no raid to worry about and my sub expires soon, I will take a break from the game too and not resub till we start raiding again. Seems silly do do so since I have STILL not even done 6.1 yet, but I am busy with other things, so a break will be good.
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