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So people seem to like Island sanctuary.


Wow, SE ACTUALLY did something.....right? :O The world is ending!.......

Ha, just kidding. ;-) So it looks like the new island sanctuary stuff is a BIG hit among players that have tried it. The EXTREAMLY unusual praise coming from the FF14 Rabid Forum Fans was jarring to say the least. LOL

Yeah, even reddit likes it, and they can be NASTY about stuff. And I am sure the streamers are having a field day creating their little paradises.

So far, the only negatives seem to be QOL interface things to improve and that progress seems to be too 'fast' for this kind of content.

As I know fanatic gamers, I bet that last one is kind of bullshit. They go in 'gung ho', spend hours and hours on it and just blaze through the available content in no time flat, complain later that it was TOO short and not enough to DO!

Uh huh, Honey, I have been gaming for longer than you have been alive probably. I KNOW your M.O. ;-)

And finally, people wonder: if they can do this, than WHY can't you give us instanced housing?

They kind of have a point and will pester SE even more now that they have this evidence to prove they probably can do it ;-)

So, after all that, my thoughts on it?, have NO interest in this. NOT my 'cup of tea' so to speak. Never did care for those farming or lifestyle simulators and this isn't going to entice me or change my mind.

It kind of pales in comparison to having a

real house
real yard
real garden
real orchard
real pets

You know, something you can actually interact with and make a REAL difference. Those things suck my time up enough, I don't needs no virtual fake area to mess with. ;p

but hey, if you find it neat and fun, more power to you. Have fun with it, and enjoy the content while it lasts.

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