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Annabel's ditzy guide to Sephirot Unreal


Well here we go, another Ditzy guide to help people get through hard crap!

Yeah, judging from the amount of views my Sephirot unreal clear post got, there is some interest in that fight, and I wonder WHY? Maybe because it is a damned HARD fight? ;-)

People say that this fight is actually tuned to the level of original Heavensward difficulty back in the day, and it was the 2nd hardest HW EX primal next to Thordan, (who is sooooooo Ungodly HARD!)

So I decided to put out this silly guide to help people try and clear it. But be warned. Even with mechanic knowledge, you CANNOT cheat in this fight or be lazy! Everyone needs to pull their own weight or you will fail that nasty, nasty DPS check!

(Ok, there IS one 'cheese' strat that can be done, which I will go over, but it ain't easy.)

So lets begin!

First off, know your stacks and spread positions for first phase. People will talk about them so PAY attention.

For the stack, since a random DPS and healer get targeted, it is usually all DPS and the 2 healers and off Tank stacking left and right. (main tank is off doing his own thing.) What side each group is on depends on the party you are in. Some stick the DPS left of Sephirot some right. It's usually left but not ALWAYS, so ASK!!!

Also, 'left' and 'right' are relative to Seph, NOT the arena..(usually) So stacking left means Seph's LEFT arm no matter which way he is.

Note, some groups DO use the arena instead of Sephirot for positioning. I know, I know, WTF people, be damn CONSISTANT will you? Oh just wait honey, we ain't done with that 'consistency' yet! ;-)

Second 'consistent' thing, the AOE marker spread.

Seven people are going to get marked by AOE markers, 6 small green, one big purple. You gotta place them so none overlap with any others. But here is the thing, that purple one is BIG, VERY big! WHERE does it drop so it don't overlap with green killing people?

Well some strats say to put in on Sephirot's butt so half of it is out on the expanding puddle. Other strats say to put it at the edge of the arena where half of it is out of the arena. And guess what, EVERY group seems to do it DIFFERENTLY! UGH! It's enough to make you want to scream!

Which way is better? Honestly, I like the butt/tail drop. Doing it that way, you KNOW where that purple ring is and can get your green ring ass out of it easily enough not to die from it.

If you do it the other way, you honestly don't know WHERE on the edge the purple player is going to go. (It SHOULD be at the border directly behind where Seph is, but DON'T rely on that! That player might end up anywhere on the border area and you gotta adjust for it!) Also, that purple player might not even be able to MAKE it to the edge for some reason. If that happens, then yeah, there WILL be deaths, probably MANY deaths of poor green players. (and the purple one!)

Yay consistency! ;p Yeah, until things get settled and standards decided, it will be VERY confusing for people. Oh, and we STILL have tower taking, but that is not TOO bad. (unless people forget to do it and kill the whole party, then it IS bad! Yeah, HARD fight! ;-) )

Ok, second off, healing this damn fight. Honey, it is hard, hard, HARD! (and DON"T let LEET players tell you otherwise! For non super raiders, it is HARD!!!!!!)

Sephirot hits those tanks like a mack truck. They take a LOT of damage so you gots to be on the ball with the shields and heals. He also puts out a LOT of non telegraphed AOE's!!!!!!!!! Yeah, they ARE scripted but NOT shown, so remember WHEN they happen and be ready with the healing.

This means NO playing this like it's a dungeon casual healers and just AOE'ing tons. You do it that way and you will find yourself with a bunch of dead little DPS's who ain't ready for Sephirot's upteenth AOE hit on them.

The damage comes fast, the damage comes quick, ESPECIALLY in the 3rd phase!!!!!!!
So be a healer and actually HEAL! (or shield)

Third thing, Add damage.

Oh Sweetie pies, remember, remember, REMEMBER; when the adds die in this fight they BLOW UP and do lots of nasty, nasty AOE damage that can VERY easily get away from you wiping the party. So DPS's I am looking at YOU; temper your attacks and watch that you don't to too much at one time. Stagger the kills so that the healers can heal through the damage, because those parts of the fight are HELL on them. Believe me, I KNOW!!!!!

And lastly: A lot of this confusion can be alleviated by using markers to show various positions of stuff. But guess what? Many parties don't seem to USE markers for some reason. UGH, typical, right? Well it is what it is, maybe in the future this won't be the case and groups will start getting consistent. Well at least the serious ones anyway. ;-)

Ok, I have wasted enough time, let's get to it.

Ok, Phase one. Here you have to worry about 2 things. The stack and the spread. (Of course the healers have to worry about those damn AOE hits and the tanks the tank busters and swapping, but this is general mechanics for all. )

The stack is the first part. I already went over it above. DPS's one stack, Healers/OT in another with MT staying out and doing their thing. Seph also does double AOE hits right after the stacks, so healers, make SURE the party has some health to endure them. And oh yeah, the puddles, they are easy enough to avoid, if you are not sure, just move where the rest of the party is going. LOL

After more hits is the spread. Seph will stick one growing puddle in the arena then choose a random player to aim his nasty, nasty beam at. Players bait this by all of them standing RIGHT where the puddle is about to spread then move in back of Sephirot when the AOE markers appear, spreading out to be sure none overlap. There will be 7, one big purple, 6 green. Like I said above, either stick the purple on his butt/tail or near the outside of the arena to keep move of the purple away from the others. Make sure you know WHICH strat the group is using for this and follow it, or you WILL kill people!

But saying that, don't feel too bad if you DO kill people by messing up on this. It is surprisingly easy to panic and screw it up, and many groups take many attempts to get the group in sync to live through it consistently. This mechanic, along with adds, is what causes parties to quit more than any other, cause if you keep messing THIS up, you ain't getting through phase 3. ;p

Ok, depending on your DPS, you will see this combo 2 or 3 times before Sephirot transitions to adds at 65%. Note, just after 2 times is good DPS, if you see a complete 3 times for 1st phase, you guys are in trouble DPS wise.

Now adds, there are groups of them, one big one and some small ones. The big add hits the tanks for a LOT of damage and I think puts some kind of debuff on them too which does not help matters. The attack pattern for this usually is small-big-small-big groups. This way you stagger the damage and give time for the healers to get you healed up before the next wave.

Note: that big add blows up for a LOT of damage so we DON'T want those little ones blowing up at the same time as the big one or people will probably die!

Also healers, You WILL be working though this, don't bother DPSing much, you really don't want to be doing too much DPS here. Focus on healing, especially those poor tanks who are getting whopped over and over! When the blow ups start happening and KEEP happening, believe me, you WILL be very, VERY busy!

Personally, I use Lillybell and bubble with Medica 2 staggered through the stage along with an instant AOE heal here and there to keep up with the blowups. It works, but I pray the group is shielded too, cause I have SEEN the results when the shield healer was too slow getting one out. :O

Note: How fast you do this will determine how hard Sephirot's ultimate attack hits you for in the transition from phase 2 to 3. If you are too slow, the party will probably die from the damage. So DON'T be slow! ;p

After all the adds, you get a little rest as a cut scene plays out. Get everyone topped off and shielded, cause soon you will drop into phase 3 or what I like to call, Total Healing Hell!

Continued: part 2

Comments (6)

Kupo Warkson

Siren [Aether]

Calling Sephirot the second most difficult HW primal is like calling Ford the second most reliable American car manufacturer. All the others were so easy it isn't difficult to be second hardest.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

But it IS true isn't it? ;-)

As you said, the others, except maybe Nidhogg, were not too hard to do.
I missed the whole 'original difficulty' runs, but that's what others who were there say.

Honestly, from doing all the current ones, each expansion seems to have the 'easy' ones, the 'average' ones, and the one that is a REAL Bitch to clear.. ;p

The Bitch ones are Ramuh, Thordan, Shinryu, and Seat of Sacrifice so far. Who knows what Endwalker will spawn.

Kupo Warkson

Siren [Aether]

Honestly forgot about Nidhogg, and I would say even Zurvan is more difficult than Sephirot. Zurvan has more party/teamwork mechanics while the entire last phase of Sephirot you're pretty much on your own.

Nidhogg was super fun because you could actually skip the entire fang and claw phase. Though it's insanely difficult to do and I only managed to do it once.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

You are right about the party mechanics in Zurvan, there are a few of them where you need to rely on others. (God help you in PF if you need to do that with a group. :-) )

it's funny though, when I did them MINE, our group had far more problems with Sephirot than Zurvan. Z turned out not to be too bad except for the whole tether thing. Once we got that down consistently, the rest was easy.

Nidhogg MINE though was an experience. Took us I think 4 or 5 hours of prog to get it.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Well as usual, the first part has over double the posts of the 2nd part. And the fact that is made it to 100 posts so quick shows that people REALLY want some tips for this. LOL

I will tell you though, I don't know if it is really worth it doing something this hard twice week after week just for some points. As I found out, even 'clear' parties struggle getting that DPS check and not blowing the mechanics.

(And it DON'T help having stupid Blondes with crappy computers locking up! Bah!)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Yeah, I am finding when I log on I just can't being myself to do it. Why? Because people want to do it TWICE!

I think once at a time is all I can take in a session with this one, and I would feel bad if I dropped out after clearing if the group wants a reclear.
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