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All those instance macros on the Eng LS


Yep, it's THAT time again; lots of new hard content, lots of people posting those in chat macros showing strategy on how to go about doing things.

But here is the thing. it always amuses me that they post them on the English Loadstone for the US and other English speaking countries to see. Why? Oh, I KNOW why, which I will get to in a second. I just want to talk about the futility of it first.

If you play anything that's hard on an English Data center, on any of the servers, you KNOW how we play and handle things such as strategy and it ain't pretty at times. LOL

In short, we will discuss, debate, argue, bitch, and rant about how to do the instances mechanic's. Yeah, it never fails in anything new for us here in the West. Hell, sometimes we will take a good 10 to 15 mins in discussion about doing stuff.

Yep, to you Easterner's I know it can be hard to believe, but it's all TRUE! Hell, in statics we will have long Discord discussions about various strategy to use with pictures and videos as tagged references!

Now once in a 'Blue Moon' someone will link one of those 'Strat Macros' in chat to show what to do, and guess what? It tends to be totally IGNORED by the party! Yep, NO one comments on it, makes references to it, or uses it. They rather do the ol' try and true 3 D's: Discuss, Debate, Decide until something is settled.

Why do we do this? Well, it's honestly hard to say, but I think a lot of it is we Americans just love to argue and give LOTS of opinions on stuff. LOL We would rather talk, talk, and talk some more until something is finally worked out.

Personally I think it's all kind of odd considering how anti-social some gamers tend to be. But the hard stuff of FF14 tends to be the exception to no discussion, people are willing to speak up and voice their opinions on the matter.

So yeah, if you are an Easterner looking to play on one of the Western data centers, realize that those chat macros are a no go with us and a waste of time to post in chat, we won't use them.

Ok, so why do people post those macros here? Simple Honey, to be SEEN!

You know how many posts the Japanese Loadstone gets, right? Soooooo many that anything posted there soon gets lost and buried. So people stick those macros here to be seen longer and maybe even hope what people will actually use them.

Well at least the people on their own data centers. Here of course they will go unused and ignored except for people like me who make amusing posts about them. LOL

So I guess they will continue and show up here. Some of them are actually kind of interesting too. Too bad we over here in the West don't bother to utilize them and I doubt it will happen anytime soon.

Cause we are a stubborn lot. ;-)

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Zimzimki Zimki

Coeurl [Crystal]

My eyes glaze over and I run in horror at the things LOL
But then again - I know nada
Except that I run, fleeing, arms flapping in the wind like Kermit dee Frog! <3
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