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So just how Ditzy IS Annabel? Healing edition


So, if you are wondering just how ditzy AM I?

I just recently found out after maining and playing White Mage for over FIVE years......

That Cure 3 is an um.........TARGETED heal...........Yeah.....ick......

Ok, FINE, I thought it ALWAYS originated around where I was standing. But nope, I learned in Raid tonight that it originates from whomever I target.

And yeah, this is a ditzy healer that Heals MINE raids and EX fights! Oops, BAD me!
Can you believe my group made it to O12S with MY Healing? :O

I will tell you though, knowing this now has made super hard healing....(Hello World, I am looking at YOU!)...a bit easier!

Oh well, just admit your mistakes and improve, right? ;-)

And that is this edition of 'Just how Ditzy IS Annabel?'

On a side note. Good LORD is Hello World HELL on healers......
Those DPS take soooo much damage that you gotta do your best keeping them alive while trying to do your OWN mechanics during it.

Ok, Ok, so MAYBE Kefka's crap is a LITTLE harder healing, but this is SURE close in difficulty!

And man, that end of second phase, it makes little ditzy Annabel cry!

And to think people farm those current 12's for stuff. over and OVER again. Shudder..... :O

And yeah, I know, they don't do them MINE, so at least they got I-level to protect them somewhat.

Sometimes I think people who say healing is easy in this game have never prog healed anything really hard. Prog healing can be so, SO tiring on healers, which is why people sometimes groan so much when having to do it. The responsibility to keep wipes from happening can be just TOO much on them.

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