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One of the biggest half truths about healing


What is one of the biggest half-truths about healing in FF14?

That you barely have to heal in instances.

You hear this ALL the time. In guides, in forum posts, on youtube videos, hell, in the game itself. People say it over and over, parroting others; 'healers don't need to heal much at all in FF14.'

So many listen to this 'advice' and don't.

And what do you end up with?

Healers that totally focus on DPS and forget their job, sometimes to the point that the tanks or the DPS that can heal have to keep the group alive.

Ok, that IS an extreme example, but sadly it's not far from the truth.

I see it when I play DPS roles and rely on others to heal and keep me alive. Some simply don't seem to really care to heal or 'forget' their role as they are DPS tunneling. It's frustrating and annoying, which is one of the reasons I don't really like playing DPS. I simply don't trust many of the healers out there now to do what they are supposed to do.

"But Annabel you stupid Blonde ditz", my haters say. "Healing in FF14 IS easy, If you are dying it's YOUR fault!"

And I say, is it, is it really?

See, this is the truth about 'easy' healing.

A. Healing an instance IS easy If you KNOW the instance backwards, forwards, and inside out. Knowledge of what is coming up makes one prepared and makes healing the thing easier.

B. Healing IS easy IF you KNOW your job. If you know what all the skills do and the most efficient way to use them, then yes, healing is easier.

C. Healing IS easy If you have the mentality for it. You don't panic when things get out of hand. You don't have an anxiety attack that you are failing your party and screwing up. A cool head and calm thinking allows one to focus on what needs done when.

Saying all those things, guess what. there are actually healers that DON'T meet those criteria!

They DON'T know the instance and when it is best to heal.
They DON'T know their job very well.
They DON'T have the mental calmness for it and panic when shit hits the fan.

In short, because of this, healing is NOT easy for them so they need to heal MORE, not less, to keep the party alive!

People, it is OK to do it, it REALLY is! It Is OK to heal your little heart out if you think you need to.

This is ESPECIALLY true in new content where people are not familiar with the mechanics. Lots and LOT's of damage is going to happen and you gotta be ready to...gasp, HEAL the party!

This is ALSO true with hard stuff like EX fights. GOD it's true!

I see this sooooooo much. Newbies go into EX fights to try and clear them synced, and they treat it like a normal trial/dungeon run in regards to healing and just try and DPS most of the time.

People, no, no, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOO!

Even old and synced, EX fights are hard and you need to be HEALING, NOT DPSing; especially since you DON'T know the fight!

It's called PROGGING people, and when progging a fight, healers HEAL!!!!!!!

When you know the fight up, down, and all around, and are in farm mode, then yes, you can DPS your little heart out, cause you probably know when the best times to time your heals are and can DPS the rest.

But people new to the fight, you are not there yet, so DON'T do this! Do your job and HEAL to keep your party alive so they can learn the fight!

And if people complain to you about healing too much, Fuck em! If they don't like the way you heal, tell THEM to play the healer and not a selfish DPS! And if they STILL don't like it, well maybe they'll leave and then have to deal with another long queue wait. HA!

So in conclusion; yes, healing CAN be easy in FF14, IF you are armed with instance experience, skilled at the job, and are mentally prepared for it. But if you aren't? Well then........ heal MORE! I promise, many won't hate you for it. ;-)

Comments (14)

Enesha Melwalx

Zodiark [Light]

To me, the real challenge for healers in MINE content, especially current, is to adapt to the team’s composition, and know the strengths and faults of other Jobs. I will never stress enough telling people they MUST play all the Jobs to understand what it means to have them in party. One will never be competent enough until that point.

Fact is, many healers (the most I knew so far, too) tend to instead do the opposite: they go TOO safe, and STAY like that, even after prog. THAT is unacceptable.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Hmmm Enesha, you are probably right about that. I will fully admit I really don't know what the tanks actually do or how they work. I have played most DPS jobs but not all, so don't know how some of them work. As for healers, I don't really know how sage works in terms of how their heals work with the whole DPSing thing

So I guess I AM kind of incompetent, (but if you read my blogs, you kind of know THAT already! LOL)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

As for TOO safe, I will agree with that. It is ok to DPS more if you know the fight or instance well.

Hell, in MINE crap even I will DPS a lot more as I get used to the mechanics and why not? By then I know exactly when the nasty damage is happening and can prep for it as needed. If nothing it really happening, DPS away!

Seriously healers, Enesha is right, there IS a such thing as being TOO cautious and too much healing.
But if it has been a while since the last time you were there, it's ok

Enesha Melwalx

Zodiark [Light]

Ahah no worries, it’s not like being incompetent, it’s just having more informations and know how to manage them. Also doing MINE Savage, be new or old, is still the challenge, so I wouldn’t call it noobness.

But in general, yeah, there always are a lot of tools to help out with a lot of situations: WAR and PLD for example bring a lot of party utilities/heals, SMN is a big hand for healers as well, RDM is RDM, RPR has utilities and so on. Once one knows them, organizing becomes less of a chore!

Enesha Melwalx

Zodiark [Light]

Speaking of challenge, I did read around often, and I know it doesn’t appeal too much to you as of now, but have your team considered Ultimates as well? UWU at least looks a bit easier than some MINE Coils, and that’s fun as well.

With the experience you guys got under the belt with MINE content, I think that would be a great achievement, especially for such an united group (kinda jealous, not gonna lie ahah)!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

The group I am in is actually doing an Ultimate run, but I declined to participate due to time constraints.

They are doing 3 hour prog Fri and Sat nights, which I cannot do due to working nights, plus being married and having children.

Yeah, 3 hours ONE night is all I can swing with my family. LOL

Sadly we were not able to run last night to finally clear O12s, so maybe Thursday. Then it's on to Eden MINE. I hear E8s is a REAL bitch! :O

Enesha Melwalx

Zodiark [Light]

Oh, I see. Yeah, it’s totally understandable.
Well, if anything, you’re still up to the challenges they set, which is already a plus in my book. You’ll soon get the kill, don’t you worry!

As for Edens… Let’s just put it that way: did you like checkpoints? Well… SE decided to remove them in E4S and E8S, and both those fights are FUCKING HELL. E6S, too, is pain itself. Fortunately, Eden’s Promise (9-12) got the checkpoint back, but in general yeah, damage output is a bitch. They’re fun though!

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

OMG, PLEASE tell me you are kidding about the door bosses!

I can't even imagine having to redo the door boss EVERY single time you die on the 2nd phase. :O
The time to clear that must take FOREVER! That calls for serious crying!

Enesha Melwalx

Zodiark [Light]

I wish I was.
From what the friends I know told me that played way before me, players kinda asked SE not to put a checkpoint anymore in ShB because they wanted a greater challenge. After those two fights came out, they literally said: «Ok, maybe we DO want checkpoints, afterall».

It’s kinda hilarious and yeah, I totally can feel your pain. I don’t think anyone actually liked those two fights missing it, ESPECIALLY in E8S.

Tiara Clavaris

Phantom [Chaos]

Couple weeks ago I met a healer who is too busy pulling mobs and dpsing in roulette. He thinks he is a tank. He moved past me as a tank. He spam holy, then I die cause not being healed. entire party wiped. I asked him, “too busy with pulling mobs eh?” then he blame me not tanking correctly. DPS somewhat on his side. Then I decided not to tank cause he act like a cock. He said oh fine! They move on their own. I just decided to DC and let them finish the dungeon without tank .

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

:O OMG Tiara, I KNEW they existed, but your validation of their presence just saddens my little healing Heart. I I am sorry you had to deal with that. :(

Luckily those types seem few and far between, with most healers actually healing.

Remember people, being a healer is MORE than just getting easy queues! ;-)

Celes Bradford

Typhon [Elemental]

This is mostly due to bad advice from YouTube influencers. They tell healers to focus on DPS. When a new healer should be focusing on learning their kit, managing their mana and watching the list while at the same doing mechanics.

DPS of healers is only important on new savages. And that's because Square added healers DPS to their equation. This makes healing on savages the most difficult job. You have to multitask. Do the mechanics and still do a lot of DPS.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

Celes, as I don't do current savages I can't debate that, but my experience with older MINE savage stuff tells me it's probably true.

New savage content is it's own weird thing, where no one is over geared or over i-level, so you have to rely on skill and output to win. As you say, healers need to both heal, do the mechanics, AND dps their little heart out.

UGH, probably why I don't bother with them.

Vidette Swiftbolt

Raiden [Light]

In 4 mans, it's just math. I can't say the same about savages since I don't do them.
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