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Anna's healing tales #1


So today I got, 'I wish she was a statue SO bad!', fairy Titania for the trial and I was healing. There were a lot of um....sprouts in the group including the other healer. Plus there were people watching the intro, so I knew we gots newbies this time.

But still, the ditzy fairy Queen should be easy and off we went.

Never, EVER assume that an instance will be 'easy' when you have new people to it......sigh......

Yeah, that adds phase was an AWFUL mess to put it mildly. And HOW awful WAS it?

Bad enough that I was trying to heal my little heart out to keep everyone alive, since the other healer was new and she did not know how to heal this damn fight.

And THEN I died! WHY? Because some STUPID new person with a stack marker decides to make a beeline for ME, hoping what? I would 'save' them?

NOPE! All they did was get ME killed, while I was TRYING to keep their asses alive! AGGGGH!

Well by that time many other people were dead but the other healer WAS still alive, so the group kept saying in chat: "LB3 please, Healer, cast LB3!"

Annnnnd, it NEVER happened............

Yeah the other healer, the one who was a sprout and new, IGNORED the request, or what is more likely the case being a sprout, did not have LB on her hotbar, or had NO idea how to do it in the first place.

I had words I wanted to say and they weren't NICE ones! But I kept quiet, just seething while watching the chaos unfold.

By some small miracle, the group DID make it past adds phase and on to phase 3, STILL half the group down including yours truly, and NO LB3 cast.

Finally the other healer raised me, and then died to phase 3 mechanics, leaving 3 people up. Well since I was FINALLY up, I quickly cast the healer LB3, raising everyone's ass and saving the fight. We soon cleared after that.

You think the party was appreciative that I saved them?

Nope, I got NO comms! Sigh.

Random people SUCK! Phhhhht!!!!!!

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Kupo Warkson

Siren [Aether]

I had a Shiva EX like that once back in like 2.4 or whatever back when I was still a healer.

It was a farm party, at one point the other healer died and I was able to keep everyone alive by myself pretty well, then one of the later runs all hell broke loose when someone didn't bait her beam thing properly and knocked me into the wall. The other healer didn't have quite as good a time as I did and after a bunch of raising and panic healing we ended up killing her with everyone dead but a Ninja.

Enesha Melwalx

Zodiark [Light]

This sounds like the average Titania runs I usually get in Trials myself… But better.
At least you didn’t wipe… New players in there, especially tanks, mean a wipe often ensue.

I don’t think I ever had a clean run of it ever, if at least one of the two tank was new.
That Trial is a rite of passage because of its DPS check. Fail too, much, and get your asses roasted. I absolutely hate getting it in Trials.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie [Aether]

The problem simply is that newbies don't know the add rotation and attack anything willy-nilly. That makes a huge mess and hard to recover at times. Honestly, I was amazed when I saw the transition to 3rd phase, I was SURE they were going to wipe.

Titania is also the instance where I got my only ever 7 comms. LOL

Yeah, Shiva can be a bitch if the healers don't know how to handle Sub Zero. And I always pay SPECIAL attention to whoever has that marker and get OUT of their way. ;p
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