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People being NICE, in a LEVELING roulette? :O


Sometimes FF14 really does shock you!

So this morning, I was soooooooo bored, (and needing those stupid meteria cluster thingys), that I joined a leveling roulette. It's a rare thing that I do them nowadays, but I wanted to prepare my character for the upcoming savage dungeons, and that meant farming tomes in case I will need to up my I-level when it comes out.

Anyway, I unfortunately got one of the Elpris dungeons and I groaned. That meant hard zoom healing, plus I had only ever done it once with a trust, so did not know it at all. Bleh!

Sure enough on the last boss I screwed up royally and died early to an instant death mechanic. The others eventually followed as I was healing the thing.

I apologized for being such a bad, useless player, and said I had only done this dungeon once. I FULLY expected people to bitch and moan at me, saying how I was wasting their time.

Every single one of them said it was cool and not to worry, they will just try again. Every one of them was....nice. What IS this madness, nice and considerate people in a LEVELING roulette? :O

Well that made me feel better at least and we cleared the thing in the 2nd pull. It was soooooo nice to see that there ARE decent people in these roulettes sometimes. (Even if the tank DID almost kill me with all that super big zoom pulling. ;p )

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Kupo Warkson

Siren [Aether]

From my experience I would say that most people in roulettes are at least mildly polite. But that's probably because my cute Lalafell exterior softens their hardened hearts.

Enesha Melwalx

Zodiark [Light]

Mistakes can happen. No one is perfect and it’d have been pretty rude out of them if they did expect perfection and got feral on you just because you died once, honestly.

Casual content features 90% casual players, so you’re safe most of the times, especially if you know how to play and just mess up here and there out of bad memory or distraction.
Sure, if you were a no-AoE DPS or a 0 DPS healer, things would’ve been different… But as long as one respects others’ playtime, all is good!
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