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Yep, CC STILL wipes parties even today!


Boy, it's SOOOO nice to see a fight not nerfed!

Yeah, Cruse Chaser, that bastard party hating transformer is STILL wiping groups in this day and age!

I just got him in a raid roulette today and we wiped not once, but TWICE to him! :O

Those mechanics after the platform destruction can be real brutal. They just hit so hard and fast. If the group ain't prepared they get slaughtered. Even the second time, we screwed up something and before I knew it 6 were dead leaving just the tanks.

HOW does this guy even exist now in this day and age of nerfing anything and everything remotely hard in the game? Hell if I know, I guess they have not gotten around to him.

Honestly, I hope they don't. It was soooooo nice to see an actual HARD fight still in the game!

The fact that he is still hard now in an era of level 90 characters makes me wonder just how hard he was back when 60 was the highest level. It must have been HELL! :O

Oh CC, never change; I still want SOME challenges in my roulette boss fights!
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