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What is a blog?

Not really sure I understand fully what this part of the lodestone character thingy is actually for, other than you know, blogging things.
But, it's empty. So we can't have that, can we?!

I make videos on youtube, you can search Meoni into youtube and find my stuff.
It ranges from News coverage, guide content, glamour videos, mounts, minions, yeah a large range of different things.
Somehow people enjoy what I do, so that's a bonus :D

In general, my time in-game, and much of it outside of actually filming videos, is taken up by minion hunting, doing savage raids, extreme farms for mounts, that sorta thing.
I also spend an unholy amount of time in front of the glamour dresser, combining multitudes of dungeon, raid, and crafted gear to try and make something that looks half decent, with the majority of the time a concept being scrapped after a few hours of staring at it. Such is the way of things.

I love Eureka Style content. Yes, I said it. Quote me on it, I don't care.
A grind with a goal that can be obtained > a goal with rng at the end any day.
If you like the stuff I mentioned, you should check me out on youtube and perhaps check out one of my live streams as we will be doing those soon too.

Peace <3

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Lolo Menehune

Siren (Aether)

Welcome to the Loadstone Meoni! I always enjoy your blogs and hearing your enthusiasm toward all things glamor. You have a calming, relaxing voice and personality projected in all your Videos that I appreciate. Thank you for all the effort you invest in each Video.

As this platform is not nearly as popular and utilized as it once was years back there has been a slight uptick in new folks blogging, and hope you would have the time to add in a story or two when possible!

Yuki Ryushime

Phoenix (Light)

Hellow Meoni! :)
Thanks for your videos, I enjoy them alot uwu

And welcome to the blog-station~ Its pretty fun to share and see the different journeys :3

Greetings <3
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