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Just between you, me, and the hole in the wall here, I'm terrified of dungeon settings. At any moment, regardless of how well a party's doing, I'm convinced I'm one button press from totally blowing the whole thing. I blame it on FFXI, where the stakes were high to make sure you didn't piss your party off and get your name dragged through the mud.

I had been putting off Satasha for a couple days now. My pugilist was sitting at 15, and every time I sat down I'd tell myself that this would be the time I start my first dungeon. And then I went to go do my homework. And eat lunch. And clean the kitchen. Finally a friend of mine said he'd heal if I did my first dungeon. So I couldn't put it off any longer, and went to do my first dungeon. It wasn't that bad, went well. No good drops, but whatever.

So I went to class. When I got home, I had a pep talk with myself. "Self, you did so awesome at that last dungeon that I bet you could kick Tam Tara's ass." So I queued up for it without my friend.

Then someone said in LS they had been waiting as DD for Tam Tara for 40 minutes already. And then I went to do botanist.
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