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On Vacation

Welp. Happen to have some extra time on my hands so going to post some screenshots!

First is a beautiful uh...sunset(?) the Churning Mists. The scenery and the music by the aetheryte make for a powerful combo, especially if you've completed Heavensward.

Took an image of the firmament and made use of the option to hide other elements. Also AST glam. Thought the Xaela/Ishgard contrast was neat. Didn't actually contribute to the firmament but hope to snap screenshots of its progress as time goes by.

Fungah mount you can obtain from the Gold Saucer for (a healthy sum of) MGP. To me, the quality of this mount is higher because it was originally a model used in an instance, so I found the animations more fluid and unique. For instance, it's more or less a blob and you can see the body jiggle as it moves or jumps. Not only that but if you're sprinting forward every so often it'll open its mouth wide like D: except much wider. I thought that was a nice touch.

New SAM glam that I'm going to try using for RP. Not that I RP much to begin with but I like it and should fit nicely with the backstory that I've been too lazy to write.
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Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

I really like that evening shot of Zenith! The weather in the churning mists often seems to be cloudy or stormy, clear skies on an evening is really beautiful.
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