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You Can't Spell Mendicant Without "I Can"


Bask in the fruits of your labor. Be proud of your contributions. Don't take anything for granted. Push hard and make yourself awesome. Hold firm and guide the ship as a team. Never give up, never give in, work to the goal, work hard and win.

Such were the crisp, hard-hitting words of Lord Francel de Haillenarte, a proud nobleman who has grown up well enough to become the overseer of the master plan. Balmung were the first to finish the job ahead of the JP servers, and thus were the game-first world to complete the Mendicant's Court. Coeurl were fifth. There were five other worlds in NA and EU that were yet to finish, but as the time passed, they too would see the first stage of the master plan completed.

After chatting with Francie, my old mate Grigor stopped by. "Well, well, if it isn't the Skybuilder Champion herself," he said, nodding in approval. "Congratulations on your hard work in completing The Mendicant's Court. Now plans are underway to construct the next part of the Firmament. And from what I have heard, you already have most of the items for sale from Miss Enie."

"That's right. I got the Ufiti, Pegasus, Dress-Up Estinien, Miniature White Knight, the craftsman glamours, the Winsome Wallflower /lean emote, the Safety in Numbers and Jewel Orchestrion Rolls, the Modern Legend hairstyle, the Stuffed Hraesvelgr and Imposing Ishgardian Shelf. Now I can grind to get the Skysteel materials to craft replica Sky Rat glamours."

"Mmmm, how nice, Miss Kahori. Ever the vigilant adventurer."

"I earned nearly 30,000 scrips in a few days, and I even grinded 14 earthen hours to get my gorilla. I got three mounts in 24 earthen hours: a Portly Porxie, a Pegasus and an Ufiti. And I didn't need to do a Concerted Work to get this."

"Well, you are a Level 80 crafter and gatherer across all classes so there's that. I think you realized what you can turn in and make, so once you are in a rhythm, you can maximize your efforts."

"And my team of retainers is feeling really fantastic. They now have a purpose in this undertaking. I got my hunters and gatherers cutting into the material acquisition. They love getting to work, my retainers. Sometimes I have to tell them to wait before turning in their drops since I am still out in the field gathering materials!"

Grigor let out a hearty laugh. "Ahhh, I have never felt this full of vigor since I was a young Helion in Ilsabard. Those were the days. So, you keep up the good work, listen to Augebert's and Lord Francel's instructions and don't let up, understand, milady?"

"Yes, Grigor, I hear you loud and clear, big guy," I said.

"And with that, I bid you farewell," he said, bowing before returning to his post with the other Skybuilders, glossing over a blueprint. As I took a look around and had a drink, I knew that a lot more was to be done, and I knew the people in Balmung were growing impatient. Soon...
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Bongaboi Pangyatoy

Coeurl (Crystal)

Coeurl was the fifth of eight worlds on Crystal to complete this part of the project. Balmung was the first across all the worlds on NA, JP and EU to finish. On the 15th, three days ahead of Coeurl, and beating the JP worlds in the process, who didn't finish until the 16th.
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