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It All Comes Down To One Job...

One job, and one job alone.


At the Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks, I sank my teeth into a nice hand-crafted pastry fish as I looked at the new Dancer glamour plate that I was able to create after sacrificing some excess glasses and corsages, kicking those to my Lalafellin retainer form, Bangabae. Dancer. 80. The product of several days of doing FATE farming, beast tribe dailies, and clan hunts, with the occassional challenge log work on the side.

I saw the ship holding Mistress Nashmeira and Ranaa Mihgo. They were both waving goodbye, alongside the members of Troupe Falsiam. They were due to arrive back at Radz-at-Han in approximately a week. Nashmeira told me that they are going to begin production of a brand new musical. She has tentatively called the musical "Shadowbringers" and it was to be a celebration of an adventurer's heroic attempt to restore darkness to a distant world and pay hommage to a legendary hero in the process.

It would be a process several moons in the making but they would be presenting their performance in Radz-at-Han, then to Kugane, then Doma, then the Dawn Throne, and then the major cities in Eorzea. As it stood, the Troupe was in the planning/storywriting stage. I told Nashmeira, "give yourself some time to think this one over, this will be a long story to tell."

But while I said goodbye to my Thavnairian dance instructors, my mind turned to that of my gunbreaker training. My next assignment would be in Ul'dah in a few days, and I needed to sharpen up, and sharpen up soon.
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Bongaboi Pangyatoy

Coeurl (Crystal)

Soon...the Amaro that you call Stoudemaire shall be yours. Keep working, keep grinding. Go for it, Bae!

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

Of course!
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