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The New Ishgardian Normal


Reconciliation doesn't take place overnight. A person has wronged you for a long period of time and then they ask for forgiveness immediately? Time heals old wounds, so the saying goes. A lot has to take place before hope springs eternal and closure can be achieved. And so after weeks of building a mattock, a dais and housing for those displaced during the Dragonsong War, I was able to reunited a husband with his wife and kids. He went on to make new tools for a few people, including his family.

I then accompanied his dragonet mate through the Vault and the artwork at Falcon's Nest before a young up and coming writer of stories chose to adopt the dragonet at his personal pet. Then I reunited with some admirers who were tipped off by my old mate the Vath Deftarm, now an employee of the Firmament, to find some honest well-paying labor. Afterwards, I talked with some former Temple Knights who were now working as staff of an orphanage.

Some of the kids came up to me to ask if I could help with working on crafting Temple Leves. As a licensed trade mentor, in addition to teaching at Rissai-Juku I have a license to teach the kids at Rolanberry Fields the basics of crafting and gathering though I do suggest to them to register with guilds in the other Alliance cities and learn the elements of those classes. I was able to help them make some rope and firewood and they got some coin and game to help them last through the next week.

The orphanage also has a school operated by Lord Jannequinard that teaches the kids letters, stars, and also other basic concepts, and even history of events regarding the War, the Battle for Eorzea, the Liberation of Ala Mhigo and Doma and even the lore of the Warrior of Darkness. A recent agreement with Saint Endalim's Scholasticate allows graduates of the school to matriculate to the Scholasticate to continue their academic pursuits. On days when I am not doing any work for anyone or myself, I sometimes instruct the kids on physical education, including squat exercises. Naturally, after a long day of academics and exercise, they will want to sleep for awhile.

This is the new Ishgard, a city where those who thought all was lost due to the war can live a normal life again. It's brought massive tourism to the city and now more and more adventurers are heading to the Diadem to gather resources and get some swag for their efforts. As for me, I like taking care of kids. Bonga and I have children of our own, so we believe that nurturing the next generation of champions is key to the entire adventuring experience.

Even in the cold Coerthan winter, rock music could be heard by the rising stars among the bards of Ishgard. Every night, there are concerts of hard rock music from ensembles of the Blue Planet played by the bands of bards across Eorzea on Saint Roelle's Dais. It seems that the classic hard rock of the 1970s and 1980s in the Blue Planet is being played in the Firmament more often, tough, rugged music, uncompromising lyrics by Ishgardians with a passion for singing and having a good time. When rock and roll is being played in Ishgard, you know peace has truly come to this place.
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Cleopatra Huntre'moon

Odin (Light)

*sees Kahori holding baby*

How did you manage to hold a baby?! It's just so cute! <3
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