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Madwalker - Babylegs

(K. Harukawa/B. Pangyatoy)

Charity is on the ride,
Mad because she's small inside,
Lalafell is very small,
Jealous of the very tall.

Misadventures all around,
And see her when the stuff goes down.
Making waves, she's on the way
Angry baby with hells to pay.

Hells to pay, hells to pay....

Heart of gold you will ignite
Bring the fire and the light
For our darling we will cheer!
Angry baby, this is your year!

Making friends along the way!
Mad because she's small today!

Storm of small, scorn of tall, lala bros and sisters,
It's got real, feel those feels, better order Wendy's!

Born in small (still you forge ahead), ribbon red (unto tomorrow)
Bound by sweets (so you forge ahead) in your head (unto tomorrow, bring us tomorrow)
Art of war (ever forge ahead), master plan (unto tomorrow, welcome tomorrow)
Lalafells (and you forge ahead) hand in hand (yeah, all hand in hand, we're hand in hand)!

Subscribe to epic tales from your good friend Cider, oh Spider,
Fill your cup with tea, raise a glass to victory
Baby legs run big fast now from sea to sea.

We got it all from the one and only Cider, oh Spider,
Angry baby songs, make you do the moogle dance,
Charity's Final Fantasy!

One brings angry, one brings the mad,
Lalafells, they won't make you sad.
L F G, here we goooooo!

Charity's the name,
Venturing's the game,
In the end your fate's
To become small.

Warrior of light,
Every day, every night,
Never be afraid
To become small.

We believe in you
(When you need more cups of tea)
And the things you do
(We got your back)
No, it's not too late
(Everywhere where Charity goes)
To become small!
(She's not-she's not alone HEY!)

Cause she rides again
(Charity Nineheart is her name)
With her small, small friends
(The gang's all here!)
Cider Spider has
(With Etheirys guiding her)
Become small!
(Mad Because Small!)
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Bongaboi Pangyatoy

Coeurl (Crystal)

Song Notes:
Subscribe to Cider Spider.
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