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Extra Simple Sage Eukrasia Macros

I've seen a few of these floating around but usually they have <wait> commands in them, and every time I tried those they kept misfiring or not working. Then I realized, it really doesn't need the wait time at all, as long as Eukrasia is before the other action. Ever since I started using these, Sage has been a breeze.


/macroicon "Dosis"
/merror off
/ac Eukrasia <me>
/ac Dosis <t>


/macroicon "Diagnosis"
/merror off
/ac Eukrasia <me>
/ac Diagnosis <t>
/ac Diagnosis <me>


/macroicon "Prognosis"
/merror off
/ac Eukrasia <me>
/ac Prognosis <me>

Diagnosis has some extra commands so that when you don't have someone targeted it'll go off on you instead. The only issue I've noticed with this version is that if you spam the buttons too fast, sometimes the non-eukrasia version will go off, which isn't the end of the world
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