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Time Off From Work To Do Early Voting

I rarely do entries on the Lodestone as I am a game designer first, gamer second. In between the grind at Eagle Jump, I have been doing moderate adventuring here and there but one day, I summoned my good friends in the game, led by Miss Kahori, Miss Georgette and Master Bongaboi to a meeting at the Carline Canopy to discuss some ballots given to us via the moogle system.

"Well, listen everyone," I said at the meeting. "I rarely vote, if ever, and this is one of the few times where I am forced to make a choice."

"Well, in the realm of America," said Miss Kahori, "it IS an election year, so, my father coordinated this election to be in the spirit of exclusive politics of love."

"And we are deciding to canvas our decisions now so we won't worry about it later," Bonga added.

"Thus, since you are shouldering the load of presenting Valentione's Day, we are delegating you to call for a roll of who votes for who. Astrid represents the red team, Bert represents the yellow team and Rodrigault represents the blue team," Georgette said.

They all looked at me. Ayayay, I was sweating buckets. "Okay, I call the motion of deciding who to vote for this Valentione's Day to a vote. I vote for Astrid. Kahori?"

"My vote is for Astrid," she said.


"Rodrigault," he said.


"I side with my sister. Astrid," Maki said.


"Rodrigault, since I like blue," she said.


"Bert. No pink option and no one has selected him yet, so I shall."


"Bert as well," Megumi Katou said.


"I will select Rodrigault to match my hair," Rikka Takarada said.


"Astrid, to match the hair," Izumi Hashima said.

"A split vote," Aoba said. "No objections?" I produced a small chaser hammer as a gavel. "Decision final." Tap, tap. "Dismissed."

"Oh, before we all depart," said Master Bongaboi, "I wanted everyone to try out this new...chocolate fountain. Try not to make a mess of...huh!?" Georgette was already getting her face messy dipping all sorts of rolanberry.

"Too late, Boi," said Kahori, shrugging.

"Awwwwwwww, Bae!"
Comments (3)

Kahori Harukawa

Coeurl (Crystal)

And your choice is my choice, Aocchi! Good luck!

Bongaboi Pangyatoy

Coeurl (Crystal)

Hmph! I look better in blue, and Valentione's Day is not just about Astrid being Lisette's apprentice, there are others that matter too! #VOTEBLUE, Eorzea, #VOTEBLUE! I feel a chaaaaaaaaaaaange comin'! haHAA!

Miku Argentea

Jenova (Aether)

But you cannot spell LIBERTARIAN without BERT, right? There IS a third way to the Elezen love battle going on, and it's yellow team or riot! #VoteYellow! #VoteForBert! It'll save your life, I promise!
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