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Balmung (Crystal)

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4.1 Cometh

Luckily I have tomorrow off so am planning on logging in as soon as maintenance is done. I'd love to get a housing plot but realistically likely not going to happen.

I like many others parked myself in Kungane before logging out. The aetheryte and docks were insane! Every time I moved my camera a bit in these areas saw tons of more people popping in on my screen.

Good luck to everyone hoping to grab a plot!

Fingers crossed my bae and I can finally move into our home :)

(He's a giant we need more space, ok!)
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Bobbin Threadbare

Masamune (Mana)

Mist still great for me, so I'm still sticking there. I might need someone who wanna share their Kugane housing so I can have cheaper tele tho. ;)

Anyways, hope u nailed it! ^^

Trinity Rein

Cactuar (Aether)

I parked myself inside the housing area next to the skipper hoping I can get on early enough to grab the 20mil m house next to the apartments but I got a back up plot too lol gosh I hope I can get one ????

Elisaveta Clairmont

Balmung (Crystal)

Did you have any luck Trinity? My alarm went off and I decided to skip out on the madness. When I woke up I was one of people who couldn't patch and ran though a bunch of different things until I finally got through all the errors (3 different subset of error messages and fixes, woo).

I feel so bad for the people who were trying to get into the game and technical issues got in the way =/

I really hope they add in some more housing wards which I heard that was something planned for the future.
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