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The Fun of Roulettes

Imagine this: You're sitting on a nearly full stack of Poetics, so you look up what to spend them on. You hear of some gear you've never heard of before so you go to check it out, primarily because you're too lazy to craft your retainers some better gear. Turns out this gear is the next step up from your own. You're a bit short of being able to get it all, so you now have some incentive to actually grind for the things.

You're told that roulettes are the way to go, so you suck up your distaste for the random and go for it. You're nervous because you haven't run a dungeon in literal months and only ever bothered with them to progress the story, but whatevs. MSQ roulette, go!

You laugh at your 'bad luck' in getting the notorious Castrum-whatever, but you don't really mind: You're helping out a bunch of sprouts and you get to see Cid be awesome again. Someone even writes out "CID" using the battle markers. It's a fun time.

...Even though you all managed to die once because the tank in the back triggered a bunch of big guys and didn't pull them forward to the rest of group.
Followed by yourself trying to help him when it seemed like the others didn't notice what he'd done.
Followed by others trying to save you from the army that is suddenly all focused on you because that tank went down.
Followed by you dying because it turns out that you can't jump over railings.
Followed by you nearly getting lost after respawning, because the last time you ran this you didn't exactly have time to pay attention to WHERE you were going as you desperately ran to keep up with the rest of the party.

Don't split up, kids.

After you clear the thing and actually READ the roulette description, you see that the MSQ roulette literally only leads to the two dungeons that everyone and their mother hates. That's not a problem because you, uh...haven't actually used your main/ONLY class, summoner, in a fight since the update. So, uh...

You decide to get the poetics from the other roulette, 50/60/70, before you hop back in to MSQ to finish re-learning your class. It's all stuff you've beaten before, right? Easy-peasy. You don't even care that it's not going to give you Poetics this time because you need the practice.

You load into Hell's Lid. Sounds familiar; that's a Heavensward dungeon, right? Yeah, those are dragons. You let your group know that you barely remember this place, but you're put at ease by the thought that this is an early-ish dungeon. This'll be easy.

...Wait, those aren't dragons. And this...what is ANY of this? You don't remember EVER being surrounded by demon walls made of MAGMA!! You fought this snake boss before, right? You fought this...lava-belching demon before, right? These bosses and enemies certainly FEEL familiar, and even this level, to a point. But none of it LOOKS familiar. But you've absolutely, positively, definitely have run this dungeon before. The roulette wouldn't throw you into a dungeon you haven't cleared! It said so! You just don't remember because it's been forever!

And then the final boss appears. And you begin to have doubts. You let your group know that you don't remember this guy AT ALL. The party charges ahead, giving you no warnings. Oh dear...

But it's okay. Super-simple fight, actually. Did you even get hit? But at the end of it all, you laugh and joke that you're 99% sure that you've never fought that boss before, while thinking to yourself, "That's...not possible. Right...?"

You leave the instance...and are greeted by a cutscene.

You actually, LITERALLY, have never run that dungeon before, and have just done the whole thing blind (and confused). It never clicked that, hey, you've been summoning Bahamut this whole time; that's not a thing in Heavensward. Nor did it dawn on you to check the level of anyone or anything.

Also the 'snake' was actually a ferret. Or was it a weasel? Either way, not a snake.

...Yeah... My brain and eyeballs clearly took the day off.

I've only done one other dungeon blind before, Cutter's Cry, and it was also by accident (DPS ques are long enough to watch a--OOP NOT THIS TIME). I'm not a fan of not knowing what I'm getting into when I'm playing with strangers, y'know? But somehow I got a commendation. Probably because,despite all my bumbling and stumbling and forgetting that I have to tell the pets to do their specials now and what special does what, I at least managed to (eventually) notice and rez the healer and stay out of the bad (minus one 100-tonze smack to the face).

Or maybe it was purely out of pity for how dense I was, because I was very obviously very dense.

Either way... *eyes journal full of quests at the Duty Finder step* ...I think I'll stay away from the dungeon roulette until I fully re-learn how to fight and I'm sure my brain/eyeballs are functioning properly: Hydaelyn will only smile on her Idiot of Light for so long. XD
Comments (3)

Serena Sable

Spriggan (Chaos)

Everyone goes through this with 50/60/70 roulette and is probably why its not ran as much as the others. You get thrown in dungeons you have'nt done in years.

Proto Popoto

Famfrit (Primal)

You describing my experiences with roulette word for word.

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

You must have has a REALLY crappy group for Castrum if it was THAT bad. I must have run that thing 12 times for the moogle stones and every time it was a smooth run with usually no one dying and killing everything super fast. Once in a while you would get a death, but it was pretty rare and a non issue.

I don't know how busy eureka is now, but back in the day, I would get 400 genesis easy in 2-3 hours of doing NM's. You may want to try it if you don't hate it, I assume it drops poetics now.
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