Louis Lioncourt

Gilgamesh (Aether)

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Name Day

We’re approaching a year and day of my name day. Excitement fills my heart. How much I have experienced? How much I have yet to discover? Much I say!

This name day I will wish for more encouragement, new bonds, and wild adventures. Purrfection not excepted but always guaranteed, especially when we allow our heart to leads us. I ask, where would it lead me?

I’m a True Tia wild and carefree not bound by structures. I seek only to make bonds even for a moment. Such oddity to be Miqo’te like me they’re aren’t many.

My name is
Louis (Lew-wie) De Lioncourt (Le-i-oh-n-co-uh-rt)

Complicated is it not? By the twelve it’s as simple as rolanberry pie!

I leave you with

Healing Wind

Louis De Lioncourt
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