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Gilgamesh (Aether)

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A real life moment

I enjoy holidays but Halloween 🎃 is probably my favorite, above is part of my living room/kitchen, there are more areas with decorations but it only allows you to display 5 at a time /cry.

In addition I usually set up a Full Size Witch, A Zombie Girl, and try to add one life size decoration per year, sometimes that doesn’t happen and I add many small ones! I also have a thing for 🦉 owls.

1 month of spooky 👻 is always fun.

- S.S.aka Louis Lioncourt!

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Lalli Physalis

Sargatanas (Aether)

Awesome :D I love owls too!

Goddess Hekate

Ultros (Primal)

I love this! Halloween is my 2nd favorite holiday after Mardi Gras.
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