Kaya Ejinn

The Liberator

Hyperion (Primal)

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Kaya Ejinn's History

A nomad who grew tired of having to also keep surviving, Kaya was initially more twisted than one would think upon first meeting her -- she sought for the world’s destruction, because she “loves the world so much, it’s overwhelming”, where “saving” meant “destroying” the world from any future evils that might come to taint it.

This led her to Ul’dah, and having worked odd jobs - she often sneered at dancers and those who let themselves be touched, those who sought company in return for money - it just never made much sense to her.

“Why does love mean to be attached?”
“Why does it always mean to touch?”

And all those words of love - did they truly mean anything, if one left the other every morning for other tasks they may have at hand? It never seemed to prove to her what love was, so she looked on for more things to do, hearing of the stories, and occasionally, she laughed.

“Light? In this world that everything else seeks to consume?”

Then one day, she was recruited as an entertainer, both a singer and dancer. It was during the same time that a woman had asked for her hand in marriage - and in an attempt to understand “love”, Kaya accepted her.

Their “love” was short, for Kaya understood then - it was not with her she would find it. In fact, if “love” was as spoken by others, Kaya would never come across it.

Her wife sought for her to prove it by killing her, and Kaya had no passion for the person and simply called off the marriage.

“You have no drive. I have no drive when I’m with you.”

Were her last words, before she walked out the door and changed her name as well as her appearance, with her trusty Carbuncles, primals and her faeries, finding solace in the journey ahead - that perhaps she would come to understand why she is so “broken”.
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