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Heroes of Eorzea recruiting - Exodus Server

As a newly founded Free Company, I am looking for active players, no matter if you're new, a veteran, or someplace inbetween, to help grow, to help one another grow as players, to run weekly events, to lift each other up instead of tearing them done, to save Eorzea from the Imperial Tyranny plaguing Eorzea, and ultimately, achieve victory.

Heroes of Eorzea is a family type environment where all feel welcome and treated as family. If you are interested, whisper to Winter Stardust or fill out an application today. Let us be Imperial nuisances together.

Within Heroes of Eorzea we have multiple players capable of running end game content, hunts, Eureka, maps ect. We also have a player with all crafting jobs at lvl 70 and able to produce 390 level gear.
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