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Update #1 - I'm New.. taking it slow!


From a glance, the only change is my armor going from blue to red!

It has been some time since I started in Final Fantasy XIV (back in June).

Having spent some time playing during the summer I managed to get to level 45 and I picked up a Free Company spot along the way.

Grinding isn't my cup of tea, but this game has 2 amazing things in it that keeps me going.

#1 Amazing sound effects. Every click of a button feels smooth and fun. Generally a feature that I love about all FF games.

#2 Friendly community. Underrated part about this game that I don't feel anybody's talking about. How are people so nice here? If I had been informed of this I'd have jumped in sooner!

As the summer ended though, I decided to revisit some of the earlier FF games to appreciate more of the franchise. Because of this and RL jobs starting again, I took a break until now!

No matter what, I'm reaching 70!

- Vondra
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