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Learning Crown of the Immaculate EX!


Today I tried out Crown of the Immaculate EX (Innocence)!

It's labeled extreme, but honestly, tank does not have anything special to do in this fight, you just eat some tankbusters and move the boss around a little bit. It actually feels a little unfair, that DPS and healer have to shoulder so much of the mechanical burden. As far as I am concerned, you can rename it "Tank Swap EX", since there are like 7!! enforced swaps over the course of the fight.

Of course, with that comes a different kind of pressure. With no mechanics and simplified aggro from new tank stance, there is no excuse for low damage from a tank. It's absolutely critical that I do high damage, avoid broken combos, maintain good uptime, and make full use of utility to protect the party from aoe damage (I have to remember to veil and passage on every Light Pillar and Intervention the cotank every time).

The thing that makes this Extreme is the presence of enrage and some of the fastest-paced dodging I have had to do in game, which can get pretty intense at times. Additionally, I have to be alert for players not dropping tethers in the right location and adjust my position not to get hit.

Right now, I am making 2 mistakes mainly.

First, the Winged Reprobation at around 1:56 often hits me as I try to maintain uptime. I just need more practice weaving in and around the aoe's. I actually find most of the latter Winged Reprobations are actually easier for me as a tank.

Second, when the combo of Winged Reprobation + God Ray comes, I must quickly identify if my side is safe and, if needed, not be afraid to cross the arena to the safe side. You can see that there is no safe zone on my side of the arena, and soon the God Ray will expand and hit everything on my side. The safe zone (a narrow pie slice) is on the opposite side, blocked by the boss.

I spent 1 lockout in a practice party, and was able to see up to about the 8th minute of the fight. I'll definitely work hard for a clear!

Comments (5)

Annabel Ashcroft

Faerie (Aether)

Hey Hell Tank, When am I going to run into you so I can do Bitchy retorts of your tanking and make a total nuisance of myself?

Admit it, you are HIDING from me! ;p

Sigurd De-mizar

Phoenix (Light)

I am glad you enjoy the fight. I have never tried it as a tank, but now I get my PLD to lv80, maybe I should join a kill group and give it a try.

I do find the fight tricky as a caster, because sometime I get hit by aoe because I was greedy and trying to finish the spell. As a healer, this fight is not difficult. The fun part is even multiple deaths, we still tends to clear.



This character has been deleted.

I felt this was a easy fight. And a fun fight. The hard part was outputting high dps when people keep getting hit by avoidable stuff... *'sigh* I had to heal them.

Back to crafting.

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Annabel: Bwahaha! I am waiting in ambush. One day when you LEAST expect it and queue up for a relaxing late night run, I will be there to pull wall to wall for you!

Sigurd: go for it! I think you will find it much easier on tank than healer. In fact, as tank it is harder to die, and some of the aoe's do not even give vuln up!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

You are right Yoko! Healer DPS is the first to suffer if people start getting hit.

I remember hearing Arthars (ffxiv streamer) say that the difference between a good healer and a great healer is that the latter is willing to set aside their ego and cast a cure2 when needed. That is, a great healer can place the welfare of the group over their personal glory. It's why I think I do not have the right mindset to play healer. I am too aggressive, haha.
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