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[E4S] Attack on TITAN!

The Journey into Savage 13
A casual scrub's raiding misadventures

When I think "Titan", I still think of this thing, lol.

This is it: the final battle, the hardest current content that is not Ultimate. The toughest DPS check, requiring over 74k party dps in a battle with a 35-second break (so, the true number is over 77k). For a fight that is about 13 minutes long, MTQ's video guide is over 23 minutes long. Even the text guide looks like Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Looking at this information, I understood that at last I had reached the limit of my ability.

For a casual player with no plans to challenge Ultimate, there is no shame in failing to clear Titan. Since Leviathan drops the upgrade items for tomestone armor and weapon, we can get a full set of level 470 items already, so there is not much point in clearing. We can try it casually, and if it is too hard, we can give up and be satisfied with what we have already achieved. Am I right?


Friends, who here would drop out of a race with the finish line in sight? Who would sail to distant shores, braving storms and squalls, only to turn back upon sighting land? Who would build a mighty tower, only to leave the final brick unlaid? We have come so far, and fought so hard. To give up easily now would be to disrespect our own efforts. Let us choose instead to repeat those audacious words: I will clear no matter what!

However, one also needs to be realistic. I might take a very long time to clear this level, perhaps longer than all previous levels combined, and I might see many enrages of 1% or less. Additionally, I do not want to be carried. So, in addition to doing mechanics perfectly, mitigating damage and positioning the boss so that healers and dps can perform well, a lot of effort must be spent on increasing my own dps output.

With that in mind, let the attack on Titan begin.

The first goal is to learn Phase 1. The first 3 minutes and 40 seconds of the fight. In this phase, Titan does every single mechanic in normal mode plus new mechanics unique to Savage, often combining 2 or more mechanics simultaneously with no telegraph. By comparison, normal mode Titan battles last 6-7minutes. It is a fast-paced and punishing battle.

I think the toughest part of Savage is always the first learning party. When you go in for the first time, there is nothing in the fight that you can do correctly, you are trying to get used to the coordination required, and at the same time trying to tell which wipes are due to your mistakes. My first learning party lasted exactly 3 pulls, and then people started dropping out. Did they feel it was too hard, or were they unhappy with the party's progress? It's fine, we refilled and went in again.

I felt the trickiest part of Phase 1 is the part called "crumbling down". In normal, 1 pair of boulders fall from the sky for proximity damage, and you are supposed to hide behind one of them to dodge Titan's "Seismic Wave" attack. In Savage, not only does Titan drop 2 pairs of boulders, the boulders must be placed in the correct locations by players, and the mechanic is combined with his classic "bomb boulders" mechanic.

Titan's fault line attack gave me problems too. In normal mode, after the attack finishes, Titan always dashes to a fixed location. In Savage, he dashes to the location of the MT, dealing more damage the closer MT is. There is little time to adjust, so MT must run back to the square directly opposite Titan, which requires saving sprint for it. If the tank doesn't have sprint, the boss may dash across another party member, killing them. If the tank runs too close, the damage received is too high, and the tank will die. The tank must use strong cooldowns, because the healers are under heavy pressure from all the movement and damage.

It's good to try and ask questions and clean up things you don't understand after each wipe. On the other hand, eventually you reach a point where everyone already knows in theory how the mechanic should be done, all that is left is to practice a lot, die many times and get it right. Eventually, the party settled into silence, the sounds of battle interrupted only by the ready check and countdown.

Several things give me confidence. Many raiders commented that the most difficult phase is Phase 1. This is helpful, because it means it requires less time to practice. If the most difficult phase is at the end, such as Quietus in E2S and Black Smokers in E3S, then you must fight a long battle just to get to that phase, and many practice runs will be ended by inevitable mistakes on early phases. It also means that if I can learn phase 1, I am likely qualified for the whole fight. Additionally, on my Leviathan reclear on the 11th, I was very lucky: I won the upgrade item for the tomestone weapon and now have a level 470 PLD sword, easing the dps check.

After an hour and a half, I saw for the first time the transition of Titan into Phase 2, with literally only 1 person in the party left alive. The last savage boss always has a final form not present in normal mode, as a reward for doing Savage.

Click to showClick to hide

Watching the cutscene, I was unexpectedly overwhelmed with emotion. I remembered that when I first started Eden savage, I hoped to see it with my own eyes. Back then, it was only a distant hope, and I had no confidence that I would make it this far. I remembered that around this time a year ago, I got completely destroyed by Suzaku, and shortly later, gave up trying to do EX and savage. And when you look at how far you have come and how much you have done, that gives you the strength to go on. You smile, knowing that one day you will look back on this too and say "it wasn't so bad".

I am far from mastering Phase 1, and even when I achieve that, I still have over 10 minutes of the fight to learn.

That's fine. I am prepared for a long battle.

Don't get bitter, just get better! Let's clear together next time!

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Comments (4)

Pan'da Express

Adamantoise (Aether)

Super proud of you Siggy, keep pushing and don't give up. If you do I will find you!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Yes Panda! Even if I am still trying to clear in 5.1, I will never give up!

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

Last I checked. Your @8k dps for E2s. Ye!! You got this Sig!! Sending bro’hugs!! Wish I could tank it. But it’s the price I must pay for my static x) o7

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Lol Felsea! That is not skill, it is just the power of the level 470 weapon I got from last week's leviathan. Thank you for your support! I'll definitely try my best!
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