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[E5S] McD: I'm Levin It


The Journey into Savage 22
A casual scrub's raiding misadventures

It is 6:00 a.m. on Day 4 of Savage release. I woke to blue morning light filtering through the curtains. I fell ill yesterday with a minor illness, and took a day off from Savage to rest, which put me badly behind schedule. As I showered and brushed my teeth, I changed my plans: abandon farming the Ruby weapon, buy a crafted sword instead, and immediately resume progress on E5S.

I jumped into the first practice party I found for the 2nd Fury's Fourteen. The first two pulls were promising, and my teammates played well. But somehow, after that, every pull was a disaster. I kept messing up simple mechanics, and my execution was very inconsistent.

My old specter of mechanical inconsistency had come back to haunt me. When I first started Savage, I was very dps-focused, because you need firepower to clear. However, at Titan, after seeing so many parties unable to reliably reach p3, I realized that the more fundamental skill is to be consistent (i.e., you are always able to do a mechanic correctly once you have learned it). After 45 minutes of failing to reach the 2nd Fury's Fourteen, the party disbanded.

I was annoyed with myself. Maybe it's because I didn't eat breakfast, so my brain doesn't have enough brainpower to do the fight. I looked at the clock: 8 a.m. At this time, the only place that would not be super crowded would be McDonald's, and I didn't really want to buy expensive fast food.

I decided I would do another practice party, then cook myself brunch.

The 2nd party was more shaky at first, and many early pulls did not go well. However, the atmosphere was very relaxed and we were able to improve at a slow but steady pace.

We stuck together for almost 2.5 hours, and near the end, I was starting to feel the fatigue. On one pull, I actually died to the very first mechanic, and the healers patiently raised me.

Finally, after a messy run with over 15 deaths and a healer LB3, I saw the enrage for the first time at 7%. I thought, 7% enrage with a ton of deaths? Can it be this easy? Everyone was excited, and we knew that on a cleaner pull with fewer deaths it would be a kill for sure. Indeed, we did it the very next time.

Compared to my desperate, tense battle in E1S on the release of Eden's Gate, Ramuh was actually a very chill fight throughout, and I felt little pressure at the end. Altogether, I took 5h to learn this fight (time spent in the instance only, not including waiting for PF to fill), compared to 7.5h for E1S. Maybe I've grown a little as a player.

Our execution is not the best, it's much shakier compared to Lil Cairn's team. But that's OK! There will be time to optimize and improve. Now I'm going to get myself some McDonalds.

Ifrit and Garuda await! Let's clear together next time!
Comments (10)

Lil Cairn

Masamune (Mana)

Nice work, Siglinde!

Pan'da Express

Sargatanas (Aether)

Congrats Siggy!

Mahdi Draaken

Faerie (Aether)

grats my friend!!

Esper Eidolon

Diabolos (Crystal)

Love zah name yus yus! 💜 💜

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

My motivation has been low. That is all x). Once I have ruby weapon.

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

But a huggy-GtZ!! X)

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Thanks a ton you all!

Siglinde Skysworn

Sargatanas (Aether)

Felsea, I am sorry to hear you have been feeling less motivated. But you know, this is a game, and we play it for fun. There's no point in forcing yourself to participate, just out of a sense of FOMO.

Perhaps a break will rekindle your interest, or maybe if you find a good static once more. Either way, I hope you are still able to enjoy the game in some way, Savage or no Savage, haha.

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

I found my issue is learning new fights. That is all. X) just need to pull my thumb out. Maybe ^^. Will see. I definitely enjoying the extra sleep XD

Felsea Stryfe

Lich (Light)

Killed it. 3 days. 5-6 hours. 2 hours to Learn and 3-4 hours to find the team to kill. But the team I found stuck it out for a full lock out and 1 extra pull that brought it home. Now 45 min into fusion!! All day long bro!! All over it ^
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