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Duocycle Journeys 4: Gridania Nostalgia

This is my final stop for today.

Passing by little wooden bridges along side waterfalls as the shining water elementals float about, I just had to slow my pace down and admire the magical view if only for a little bit.

Approaching the city, I felt a sense of Nostalgia as the arches where I almsost died from normal [big] bugs and flowers raced into my memories.

Gridania. The the place where my journey as an adventurer really began.
Mother Miounne is still there helping the little sprouts while welcoming everyone with open arms~

For now, I rest in my room.

I still have a long road waiting for me, and that's not even the end of my travels. I do hope so! Better not jinx it~

I will be staying in Gridania for a while as I prepare for my journey up north into the cold lands of Coerthas. Just thinking about how I first got there unprepared... Brrr!

Well then... I hope everyone has their own Newfound Joy~
Have fun, stay safe and may the Light of the Mommy... uhh ahem... Crystal linger inside you~
Good Day~
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