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Duocycle Journeys 5.5: Last Detours 'til Coerthas

As I am making some distance from Gridania...

I went ahead and made a few detours and visited some notable places I haven't been to in a while.

My 1st stop is the Treespeak Stables. I just wanted to pass by the chocobo stables.
Before my journey, I left my chokobo, Kwehtzalcoatl, back on my island.
I'm sure the puppets are taking care of my boi, but I hope he doesnl't get too lonely.
My little are there with him so I hope they keep him company while I'm away.

Speaking of birds, my next detour was the little base of the airship making Ehcatl Nine... or whatever what they were called. They're still there tinkering on their ship. I hope they find a paradise they can call home.

Finally, I reach the last stop before the cold long uninteresting road to Coerthas, Fallgoard Float.
It has an interesting name...
Did the Fallen goard float over there and someone just decided to name the place that?
Well, anyway...

After buying some more provisions for the road and mending my gear... I leave the gates.
One things for sure, as soon as I exited the gate... the scenery changed.
I am now sure this is the start of the long road to Coerthas.
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