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Duocycle Journeys 7.2: Shortcut through Imperials

Yeah I did forget something about this shortcut.

There were Imperials occupying this base huh?
I wonder if these are from a detached Legion.

Anyways, I didn't have time to take photos as I dodged through all them imperials.
With the speed of this Vehicle, It was a breeze. to pass them by.
I bet some of them didn't even notice me.

Now that I got passed them, I used their Transportation Rails and god back to Thanalan.

Along the way, I saw a monster I have not seen before.
I've seen a lot of chimerical creatures during my travels, but this one is new.

Seeing as theres a Ceruleum Processing plant in my path, I wondered if my fuel reserves have gone down a bit.
To my surprise, there hasn't even been any visible change to my fuel...
What did the boys at the Ironworks do with this vehicle's fuel consumption?

Thanalan, I am back.
Dust on my face.
Ul'dah, just behind the hills over on the horizon.
Stairs ready to beat my butt.

I really am back.
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