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Duocycle Journeys EXTRA: Vision Capturing Device

Have I ever mentioned how I was posting these images of my travels over to this... uhh... Lodestone?

Well here he is, Wedge's little project, the New and Improved Accompaniment Node!
Though most of its functions from back in the Allagan days are gone, it seems Wedge was able to tinker with it and activate a few of them.

Wedge said it can capture images from man angles and then send them via a unique Aether wavelength back to a terminal connected to the "Lodestone" where the data is stored ready to post.

Along with the Vehicle Cid asked me to test, Wedge asked me to try this upgrade he gave to my toy.

For now, all seems to be going nicely for both of the items.
I don't really understand it, but it works.
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