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Bad math of Ult Clears

So, saw a post on the OFs trying to discredit the 1% of Playerbase does Ult fights. They used a site called Lalachievments which only had 133,534 players registered in their census. That seemed super low to me as an overall player count and since Lucky Bancho updated it's Census recently I have a more accurate number to use to compare.

Of the 133,534 players on Lalachievements, 6.8% Cleared first Ult, 8.6% Cleared Second Ult, and 8.9% cleared Third Ult.

Neither site are 100% accurate because of criteria they choose to use to dictate an active character, but using Lala's numbers against Bancho's

133,543 vs 906,740

First Ult's 6.8 is 1% on Bancho
Second Ult's 8.6 is 1.27%
Third Ult's 8.9 is 1.31%

The average clear of Lala is 8.1% while the compared average of Bancho is 1.19%

Did not see Bancho's actual raid data so this is all comparing Lala's numbers to Bancho's population. Hence the title, Bad math.

With bad math, so far the 1% do Ult checks out. Unless there is actual clear data on Lucky Bancho that I haven't seen.

At best I can see the % going up to 3 or 4%, but I don't see it going any higher without actual numbers from Bancho or another place that catalogues more than 133543 characters.
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Sarah Logangar

Brynhildr (Crystal)

So long story short no one does ultimate difficulty.

Well thats because its too hard and not worth the effort.
Basically like anything harder than extreme is not worth the effort.
Unless you actually are obsessive about everything being cleared once.
There is plenty of more enjoyable things to do in this game than waste your time on savage and ultimate content.

Xie Xie

Ultros (Primal)

Yeah, I don't really think it's a waste... pretty ridiculous to consider it that. Yes, I understand that putting workload into content that only "1%" of the populous does could be considered wasteful. However, I think even people who do not do ultimate enjoy watching it (Ultimate World races for TEA example brought a lot of new players and publicity to the game). Personally, I LOVE the mechanics and battle system of FFXIV, so ultimate is really fun. Everything is subjective.. but it's no waste.
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