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Weekly update: Week 6

Normally, I update weeklies. Sundays especially. But I can't do much of that this past week. Hell broke loose. Everything fell apart, and so did my life.
Stress, anxiety, and illness. A breakup between the two most important people impossible together. A vast hurl of disaster and we keep fighting.

Breaking point has shortly arrived. I'm only waiting for the deaths' door to open for me. I'm ready.

Shame, I finally found a game to distract myself with, enjoy, and put all kinds of ridiculous challenges through myself to make myself feel proud and achieved since nobody else will. But even that is taken from me. I'm online but listless, and out of mind, to do my own things.

I prefer not to be questioned, I prefer not to be spoken to or made fun of.
I'm fighting my illness, but I want to give up. If only I hadn't had the one person to keep fighting. But I feel my strength lost, and so are my challenges.

I was supposed to take full advantage of “road to 60” before it ends. While I managed somewhat, I lost track due to disaster striking down my life in a harsh clasp and crushing roar. I wish I was overreacting when I said I survived this thrice, but not sure how much more is able to keep coming.

That is why, I lost even sight in the game, my goals, my achievements.
I only ended Heavensward only a day ago, and have yet to start Dragonsong. Whilst online, I am mostly away, dealing with the horrendous reality I wish I could avoid forever. The options weight heavy with me. But easy death is no good death, I want to fight, but I am slowly losing the battle to keep strength, both mentally, and physically.

Now then. I'm stuck. I found that keeping DoL highest among 1-2 War/Mage classes, should make me benefit the crafting abilities in future, yet my crafters been slacking, and I am at loss. I had no strength to study further into it, and it all is beginning to wear me down as well. If there are any quick tips on collectibles crafting (I have them unlocked) I'd appreciate. Perhaps ideas how to go by the system. I had yet to see people challenge me reasonably, but as for now, I cannot stress another test.
If I do stop coming online, it was a pleasure to meet you bastards. Truly.

Now excuse me while I go to the Seasonal event...
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Siberian Mauler

Cerberus (Chaos)

Stay strong! Everyone is a bit crazy before new year, but eventually we all invigorate. I wish you all the best!

Yabusa Obinata

Typhon (Elemental)

I wish it was a new years issue.

Aubrey Stoneheart

Excalibur (Primal)

I know there is not much I (being a complete stranger and all) could say that you haven't heard or read online before when you go looking for answers to this ol'life question. So I wont try to over complicate it. Having been there myself.

So I'll keep it simple. I hope you have wonderful day, I wish you a merry chirstmas, and a happy new year. Keep going for me at the very least. <3

Yabusa Obinata

Typhon (Elemental)

Aubrey, sometimes the simplest words can mean the world for we live in today, not yesterday, nor tomorrow. Thank you.
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