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These Days

What am I even working on these days? I'm pretty much rotating through a bunch of content so I don't get burnt out on doing the same thing, day-in day-out.

* Manderville relics - passive Astronomy tome farming.
--- Currently at 13/19 complete. I don't feel compelled to rush the final 6 (NIN/RPR/MCH/DNC/BLM/SMN), but I do feel compelled to make sure I have them all complete before the next step comes out. I regret not farming the Resistance relics back when the content was full of people, and while I understand we won't have steps like Eureka/STQ, I do want to make sure I'm completing these relics as they're available.

* Samurai Eureka relic
--- I'm at Hydatos at the moment, leveling up and grinding for Hydatos crystals. I've been surprised how much I'm enjoy Eureka content. It's mostly just chill farming for Notorious Monsters, using the tracker to spawn them, do callouts for Pulls, and coordinating the zones. Logograms still confuse me as to how to best optimize them, but I do well enough without optimizing them that it's not a big deal.
--- (Why does Wisdom of Aetherweaver have 3 uses? Wouldn't I only need the one to activate it?)

* Resistance relics - passive token farming
--- I've paused on running STQ areas and am just working on earning tokens from the various Dailies
--- I actually really enjoy STQ content and have my Haste gear for both Tank/Healer, so farming STQ content is moderately enjoyable.

* Anima relics - passive Poetics farming
--- I'm almost certain I've purchased most all the items I need for Animas, but I can't bring myself to active farm the other steps. I've just got a bunch of mats waiting in the wings to be used up.
--- My FC mate and I have been trading Alex Savage wins for easy Light farming, but there's still so many steps to do before then that I can't bring myself to go for it until I have some other non-Anima relics complete.

* Zodiac relics - paused for the moment
--- I've started the PLD relic, but wow I really don't want to dive back into these right at this moment.

* Gatherer/Crafter - overmelding
--- This one just withers my soul. I'm basically having my retainers gather mats, crafting items, and then turn them in. Once I get near to capping out on scrips, I turn them in, attempt to meld, and either win/loss the RNG. Mostly lose.

* PVP - Frames/Mounts/Currency
--- I've actually been enjoying Frontlines/Crystal Conflict. I'd like to start doing the Frontlines roulette more consistently, but it just never really occurs to me to actually go for it when I have all this other content I enjoy as well.

* ILVL farming - Alt Jobs
--- I really ought to spend SOME amount of time working on getting my other jobs up on their ILVL. Some of them aren't even on par with Trioa gear or Astronomy Tome gear, which I find a bit embarrassing. I don't want to spend gil on gear for them, so no crafted gear, but I really ought to be able to get these jobs up with just some Daily Experts.

* Ishgardian Restoration / Diadem
--- Same idea here about Retainers farming materials for me. They farm, I craft, I turn in, I move on. I finally got my Wi Fi properly set up so I'll be able to watch movies or listen to podcasts while I farm Diadem, so maybe I'll be more involved in it. I've enjoyed setting up my macros and turning in the crafts and seeing that score go up. I'd love to see what the max possible score is and eventually get it lol but that's a bit much.
--- I'm having trouble getting Expert Crafts. I like crafting, but the Actions are not super-intuitive for me. I think this might just be a "Get some practice on the Trial Craft option" and just get a better understanding of how the new Crafting Statuses play out and just keep at it. There's no loss in Trial Synthesis, so there's no reason to not keep at it until it makes sense.
--- Also, I would have thought that my lvl90 crafters could more easily handle this, and I'm surprised it's not turning out more easily in my favor. Weird. It sucks to suck.


Content I'm Ignoring:

* Island Sanctuary
--- Reddit's "RemindMe" bot pointed out that Island Sanctuary came out roughly 3 months ago. I still don't really have any desire to go do it beyond what I've already accomplished. Which is to say, my island still isn't Max Rank, and I don't really care. Maybe if they put more "mini-game"-like content in it? It's hard for me to think of Island Sanctuary as anything other than a SpreadsheetS Simulator. It isn't even an enjoyable Spreadsheet Simulator to me. There's very little appeal in this content other than mounts and materia to be earned here. Do people actually like this content? If yes, what's the draw?

* Gold Saucer
--- I legitimately only occasionally check in to do the daily scratch-off tickets. I don't even bother with the weekly lotto or GATEs unless it's right there. Chocobo racing and Minion Battle (name??) are completely off my radar. I'd like if I were better at Mah Jong. It seems like a fun game. My family plays a different version of Mah Jong irl, but only occasionally.

* Extreme/Savage
--- I'd like to go back and do some of the Extremes and Savage content. But every time I try to join a static, the leader never responds or the position is already filled. I know I could start my own static, or just PUG here and there, but idk my heart just isn't in it these days. Eventually I'll get there, but not right now.

* Fishing / Ocean Fishing
--- No thank you. I have enough content, and this isn't going anywhere. Hard to be excited about fishing.


I guess that's all I have on my mind at the moment.

Thank you. I must now take my leave. Take care!
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